No More Delay

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Publish Date: September, 2014
Last Updated: September 2, 2020
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Brand New!!  Jesus will say, "There will be no more delay."
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Bible Prophecy Says. . .

  • World War III is inevitable
  • Nuclear exchanges will kill millions of innocent people
  • People worldwide will cry for "peace and safety"
  • Jesus will say "No More Delay"
  • Jesus will end World War III with divine intervention
  • Jesus will send. . .
    • A global earthquake
    • A fiery meteor storm
    • A large asteroid into an ocean; another on land
    • A barrage of volcano eruptions
  • These events will terminate life as we know it
  • The world's political and religious leaders will unite to create a new world order

Now is the time to learn about God's plans for Earth.

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