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WARNING! Revelation Is About to be Fulfilled - Free Book Offer
One question that many people have is “What does the future hold?” The information contained in this little paperback book provides a clear explanation of end time events from a biblical perspective. We invite you to order a copy completely on us. We don’t even charge for the postage. We won’t try to get you to join a church, give money, or send you lots of emails. We just want you to read the book and see if it changes your life the way it changed ours.  (Because the book is free, we accumulate orders until we have enough books to ship bulk rate.  Typical delivery will be in two to six weeks.)

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Please do not order books for other people. Due to the high increase of shipping costs (especially Internationally), we can only ship to USA postal addresses, and we will only accept one book order per household. We will not use your email address for anything other than order confirmation unless you request to be added to the WUAS NewsWatch newsletter list, but we do require a valid email address to get a free book. We will not fulfill Free Book order requests for: multiple books, bounced email addresses, or additional orders from the same IP or street address.

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