Seven Trumpets

We know that time cannot last much longer and God will soon act to bring this sinful world to an end. Many people do not know what the next prophetic event will be. Now, you can share a booklet which presents a concise description of soon-coming events. This booklet is based on material published on…


The Devil’s Preparation for the Tribulation

Dear Wake Up Family, This year, as the summer is coming to an end, many factors are creating a sense of apprehension and unrest throughout the country. There seems to be an unending cycle of political attacks and counterattacks. It is becoming more difficult to determine what we see or hear is real or counterfeit….


The Seven Trumpets

The seven trumpets are a series of events that the apostle John described beginning in Revelation 8. Students of Bible prophecy have differing viewpoints regarding the timing of the trumpets and whether they should be viewed as symbolic or literal. The four generally held views are preterist, idealist, historicist, and futurist. The preterist view is…