Wake Up America Seminars has produced many articles about Bible prophecy. Links to specific articles are shown below:

1 Hour: Jul’99

1/3 – 2/3 Concept: Nov’04; Jun’08; 1/3 of Earth destroyed in Trumpets, Feb’11

18 Prophecies: overview with charts, Jun’99; chart and explanation, Jul’99

42 Months: Jun’99; Jul’99; Nov’99; Daniel’s end time parallel, Jan’02; Aug’05; Nov’07; Mar’09

70th Week: May’96; Feb’99; Apr’99; Jun’99; Jul’99; rapture definition flawed, Oct’00; used in Rapture theory,Dec’05

430 Years: of rebellion, Jan’02

490 Days: May’96

1,000 Years of Revelation 20: Mar’96; Apr’96; Jul’99; last millennium, Dec’99; judgment, Jan’00; saints will not rule on earth, Feb’00; everyone resurrected, Jun’01; reigning with Christ,Dec’07; May’08

7,000 Years: Earth’s history,Apr’09

1,260 Days: chart, Apr’97; May’97; Jun’99; Jul’99; Nov’99; Apr’05; ended in 1798, Jun’11

1,290 Days: Apr’99; Jun’99, Jul’99; Apr’05

1,335 Days: chart, Apr’97; May’97; Apr’99; explained, Jun’99Jul’99; Esther’s parallel, Mar’02; Feb’04; Apr’05

1798: deadly wound, Mar’98

1844: Great Disappointment, Feb’09

2,300 Days: history and explanation, Aug’98; Jun’99; Jul’99

144,000: Feb’97; Apr’97; May’97; Oct’97; role of, Feb’98; giving gospel, Apr’98; Jun’99; proclaim God’s truth, Nov’99; empowered, Jan’00; 12 tribes, Oct’00; Gideon’s parallel, Apr’02; power of Elijah, May’02; type of John the Baptist, Jun’02; present Sabbath truth, Oct’02; Nov’03; in relation to 7th seal, Feb’04; give eternal gospel, Mar’04; Apr’04; give second angel’s message, Jul’04; when they appear, May’05; next prophetic event, Jun’09; will present Gospel, Mar’10

1994 Explained: Feb’97; Jun’99; Feb’04; Jubilee Calendar ends, Apr’05; Jubilee Calendar, Sept’06

Aaron: golden calf, Jan’05;

Abomination of Desolation: Apr’99; Esther’s parallel, Mar’02

Abraham: covenant,  Oct’98; who is heir, Oct’00; Oct ’07; Abraham and Isaac, Sept’09; Abraham and Sarah, Jul’11

Accountability: God holds us accountable, Aug’05

A.D. 30: May’96; timing of Jesus’ death, Jul’99; timing of, Feb’00; Christianity begins to grow, Jul’02

A.D. 70: Jerusalem destroyed, Dec’02

A.D. 538: Sept’03; Jun’11

Addiction: July’05; Apr’08; drinking alcohol, Sept’08

Altar of Burnt Offering: Sep’96; Apr’99; death on altar, Sept’09

Altar of Incense: Sep’96; heaven’s, Feb’99

Anger at God: Apr’10

Anointing of Jesus: Jul’07

Antediluvians: folly of, Sep’02

Antichrist: Jan’96: May’97; Feb’98; appearing, May’98; Jan’99; physically appears, Jan’00; Jesus destroys, Jan’00; must appear first, Jul’00; WUAS belief statement, Dec’00; role of, Apr’01; appearance, Oct’01; explanation, Aug’05; appearing, Dec’06

Apocrypha: Feb’08

Apparitions: Aug’97

Appointed Time of the End: when it arrives, Apr’09; Earth’s final events, Apr’11

Arabs: hatred toward, Nov’01

Ark of Covenant (Testimony): Sep’96; seen in sky, Sep’02; Ark, Oct’03; seven bowls, Ark with Ten Commandments placed in Dragon’s Temple, Feb’05; Benny Hinn’s view, Jan’06; seven bowls, Apr’07; shown in the sky, Jan’11

Armageddon: Feb’97; May’98; Jan’99; Oct’99; Aug’05; Sept’06

Asteroid Impact: Jan’96; Mar’97; Jan’99; Dec’00; coming in Trumpets, Apr’11

Atonement: concerning Adam and Eve, Mar’05; for sin, Sept’09

Authority: Paul’s view, Aug’11

Babylon: Apr’97; Jul’97; crisis government, Mar’98; Jeremiah and end time parallel, May’00; trade center disaster steps toward, Nov’01; seventy years captivity, Jan’02; Nebuchadnezzer’s fall, Feb’02; crisis government, Dec’03; Apr’04; Jun’04; Jul’04; captivity, Jun’06 – Aug’06; Great Tribulation government,Nov’06; Dec’06; deadly wound healed, Mar’09; don’t drink wine of, Feb’11, when Babylon forms, Jun’11

Baptism: ritual of, Jun’02; rebaptism necessary (?), Oct’11

Beasts of Revelation: (see also brochure, Beasts of Revelation Exposed); definition and explanation, Mar’98; crisis government, Apr’03; Jun’04; Jul’04; Aug’04; Aug’05; composite beast, Nov’06; how beast forms, Jun’11

Beelzebub: prince of demons, Jul’02

Berthier, General: arrested pope, Jun’11

Bible: Mar’99; one of two witnesses, Jul’02; defines Christian, Nov’02; Bible study comes with predispositions, Dec’05; Douay-Rheims version; Feb’08; Latin Vulgate, Feb’08; sole authority, Mar’08; seemingly internal conflict; Aug’10

Big Picture: God knows, Jan’09

Bilateral Covenant: definition, Oct’98

Birth pains: Hurricane Katrina, Oct’05

Birthright: Esau and Jacob, Dec’09

Bitterness: letting go, Aug’09

Blood Covenant: explanation, Oct’98; blood contract, Mar’05

Book of Life: questions/answers, Nov’95; explanation, Jun’98; purpose, Jun’01; Bible writers mention, Jul’01; name blotted out, Apr’03; opened, May’10

Born Again: (see Five Essentials #2); Aug’07; only God knows, Jun’09; Jacob, Jan’10; work of Holy Spirit, Nov’11

Bottomless Pit: devil released, Mar’98

Bridegroom: Apr’97

Calendar: solar/lunar: Jul’99; historical error, Dec’99

Camping, Pastor Harold: time setting, Jul’11

Censer: casting down, Feb’99; Rev 8-censer thrown down, Mar’05; when-comes as surprise, Apr’05

Catholic Church: Sept,’03; fatal wound, Jun’04; abolished in Great Tribulation, Mar’10

Caiaphas: May’07

Cain and Abel: Dec’04; Abel’s murder, Jan’10

Carnal Nature: Nov’05; takes us captive, Oct’09

Children: eternal destiny if they die, Sept’08

Christian: what Jesus said, Nov’02

Christ’s Righteousness: (see also Five Essentials #2); May’97

Chathak: mystery of, Aug’98

Choice: power of, Apr’10

Chronological Order: End time events, Oct’05; importance of, Feb’09; God set, Jul’10

Church – Visible/Invisible: July’96; Oct’97

Church and State: Oct’03; manmade church/state an abomination, Feb’11

Church Council, First: Jun’06 – Aug’06

Comet, Shoemaker-Levy: (see Asteroid Impact brochure)

Congress, U.S.: unable to stop decline, Jun’10

Conscience: willfully disobey: Jul’05

Constitution: Oct’03

Corinth, Church at: Jun’06 – Aug’06

Cornelius: came to Peter, Mar’10

Corporate Intercession: explanation, Apr’99; how individuals become “corporate, Mar’05

Courage: Dec’97; needed in coming crisis, Jan’09

Covenant: what changed at cross, Oct’98; conditional promises, Jan’06; tithing, Sept’07; two covenants, Oct’07; ninety day Apr’96

Creation: timing, Jun’99; earth’s creation, Jan’00; creation week, Sept’10; a promise, Jan’11

Crisis: coming, Jan’09

Crucifixion: timing of, Feb’00; Pilate’s role, Aug’02

Cyrus (King): Daniel’s life affected by, Jan’02; God established Cyrus’ kingdom, Jan’09

Daily: abolished, Apr’99; Mar’05

Daniel: chapter 9,  May’96;  Jul’99; story of, Jan’02; /suffering/good-out-of-bad.html; Quick Reference Chart (side one), Oct’04; Chapter 2 and 7, Apr’09; book of Daniel different from other books, Jul’10; unsealed, Jul’10

Darius (King): Daniel’s role, Jan’02;

Dark Ages: Dec’99;

David: Prophet of God comes to him, Sept’09

Day Equals Year: historical explanation, Aug’98; Jul’99

Day of Atonement: Sep’96

Day of the Lord: explanation, Nov’10; Great Day of the Lord, Apr’11

Death: Dec’96 (see also Five Essentials #3); second, Mar’99; God’s grace, May’99; second, Jan’00; first death not the end, Aug’00; WUAS belief statement, Dec’00

Deadly Wound: healed, Mar’98; Mar’09

Decree: of Artaxerxes, May’96; four decrees, Oct’96; which decree, Aug’98; Daniel 9, Jul’99

Delay: Feb’04; delay of God’s wrath, Apr’05

Delusion: God sends powerful, Jul’00

Democracy: Jun’10

Demon Possession: July’05; Mary Magdalene, Jul’07; how does it happen, Oct’10

Denominationalism: Feb’96; Jul’96; during great tribulation, Apr’98

Destruction: first four trumpets, Jun’04

Devil: will be humiliated, Dec’03; defeated, Jan’04; wants us to be discontent, Nov’05; masquerades as God, Feb’11

Dietary Laws: Jun’06 – Aug’06

Difficult Times: getting through, Apr’10

Dinosaurs: explanation, Sept’10

Disciples: authority, Sept’03

Discipleship: what Jesus says about, Mar’03; submission, Oct’09

Dispensations: explanation, Oct’00; explanation, Oct’07

Dragon: explanation, Mar’98; men worshiped the dragon, Jun’11

Dragon-like Beast: explanation, Mar’98

Dual fulfillment Feb’09

Earthly Temple: Sep’96; Oct’96 (see also Five Essentials #5); salvation model, Mar’05

Earthquakes: Jan’96; May’97; Jul’97; (see also Asteroid Impact brochure); global, Jan’99; Dec’00; Apr’04; May’04; global, Dec’04 three global earthquakes, Apr’11

Eastern Mysticism: abolished during Great Tribulation, Mar’10

Economic Conditions: riches evaporate, Dec’08; U.S. economy, Jun’10

Eighth King: Satan, Mar’98

Elect: who are they, May’05

Ellen G. White: Feb’09

Eli: unfit priest, Feb’05

Elijah: Apr’97; story of, Dec’98; the ministry of, May’02; John the Baptist a type, Jun’02

Elisha: foreknowledge, Mar’01

Esau: dealing with Jacob, Dec’09

Esther (Queen): story of, Mar’02

Euphrates River: drying up of, Oct’99; Aug’05

Everyday Living: Jul’97; Sep’99

Exodus: Sabbath during, Nov’95; May’96; Oct’96

Ezekiel’s Visions: Feb’97

Faith: Feb’96; (see also Five Essentials #2); Dec’97; during great tribulation, Apr’98; testing of, Mar’99; fulfilled prophecy builds, Jul’99; suffering with, Aug’99; faith means submission, Jan’00; in suffering, Aug’00; living by, Sep’00; key through tribulation, Dec’01; three Hebrews, Feb’02; Elijah’s, May’02; Noah’s, Sep’02; Moses’, Oct’02; during Great Tribulation, Sept’05; God interested in faith, May’09; faith of Jesus, Apr’10; Jesus lived by, Dec’10; faith in perilous times, Oct’11

Fallen Nature: Oct’08

False Prophets: Aug’97; why they appear, May’05; Lucifer, the false prophet, Aug’05; Jesus warned against, Feb’08

Fasting: Aug’06

Father (God): Sept’03; did not create Jesus, Feb’12

Fear: Feb’96; Jul’96; Elijah, Dec’98; impact of, Sep’00; eliminating improper, Dec’01; of the Lord, Oct’02; overwhelming-peace stealing, Jan’07; growing fear, Jan’09; many issues cause fear, Sept’11

Feast of Ingathering (Tabernacles): Nov’96

Feasts of Sabbaths: Jun’06 – Aug’06

Feast of Trumpets: Nov’96 (see also Five Essentials #5)

Feast of Unleavened Bread: Oct’96

Feasts of Weeks/Pentecost: May’96; Nov’96 (see also Five Essentials #5)

Fifth Seal: Apr’97; Jun’98

Finances: anxiety about, Dec’08

Fire-From-Heaven: Elijah’s end time parallel, May’02

First Born: Esau, Dec’09; Jesus first born-misunderstood, Feb’12

First Fruits: Apr’97

First Love: losing, Dec’02; Lucifer lost, Jan’03

Five Essential Truths: Dec’00 (see also book, Jesus, The Alpha and The Omega)

Flood: Mar’97; Feb’99; timing, Jun’99

Food: offered to idols, Jun’06 – Aug’06

Foot Washing: mini-baptism, Oct’11

Foreknowledge: explanation, Nov’95; God’s, Mar’01; illustrated in seven seals, Jun’01Jul’01; Dec’04; God knew time sin would mature, Aug’09

Forgiveness: involves restitution, Oct’09

Four Angel’s Messages: definition, Apr’98; given during Great Tribulation, Mar’10

Four Living Creatures: sang new song, Jun’98; purpose in Rev 6, Sep’01

Four Horsemen: representations of, Nov’95; explanation, Sep’01

French Revolution: Apr’09

Full Cup: principle, Apr’99; principle, Jun’00; examples, Jan’01; U.S.A. cup’s full, Sept’04; seven bowls, Apr’07;

Futurism: Feb’99 (see also Asteroid Impact brochure)

Gamaliel: wisdom of, Jul’02

Gideon: story of, Apr’02

God: His plans, Jul’03; wrath, Mar’05; intended will, Jun’06 – Aug’06; honor Him, Mar’08; has a plan, Apr’11; breaks His silence, Apr’11; Jesus is God, Feb’12

God’s Four Judgments: Jan’96; May’99; destroy nations, Jan’01

God’s Ways: Mar’99; May’99; character, Apr’00; Jeremiah offers insight into, May’00; follows consistent pattern; Jul’00; knows all, Aug’00; qualities, Jun’01; flood illustrates, Sep’02; His Patience, Mar’05; His love, Jul’08, Oct’10

Gog and Magog: Feb’97; May’98; identity, May’08

Golden Rule: Apr’07; used in judgment, Dec’07; during God’s wrath, Mar’11

Gospel: during great tribulation, Apr’98, Jan’00, Jul’00; given by 144,000, May’02; eternal gospel, Mar’04; Jun’04; Jul’04; Aug’04

Grace: reality of, May’99; God’s, Jun’99; amazing freedom, Oct’09; nullified Sabbath (?), Jan’11; man will refuse, Apr’11; as opposed to legalism, Nov’11

Great Commission: Apr’97

Great Week: Feb’04; Apr’05

Great Prostitute: Aug’05

Great Tribulation: Jan’96 (see also Five Essentials #1); Mar’97; May’97; gospel, Apr’98; prophecy, Sep’98; seven trumpets portion, Jan’99; chart, Apr’99; grace seen in, May’99; why God sends, saints go through, Nov’99; commencement and summary of events, Jan’00; events and God’s six step process, Jul’00; consists of 14 judgments, Dec’00; harvest of souls, Mar’01; worship, Oct’01; Gideon’s parallel, Apr’02; Jeroboam phenomenon, May’02; religious leaders, Jul’02; hatred of God’s people, Aug’02; worship, Sep’02; question of survival, Oct’02; lasts 1335 days, Feb’04; Aug’05; test of character, Sept’05; Sabbath test, Jun’06 – Aug’06; how to prepare, Jan’07; going through, Nov’07; God’s demonstration, Mar’10; day one-Great Tribulation not expected, Jul’11

Great White Throne: explanation, Jun’01

Greed: definition, Jan’01; nation of, Jun’10

Guilt: three degrees of, Mar’05; produced by Holy Spirit, Oct’09

Hagar: story of, Sept’09

Half hour of silence: May’10

Haman: hatred for Mordecai and his death, Mar’02

Happiness: Submission to God, Dec’08

Heaven: what will it be like, Feb’07

Heaven Earth Linkage Law: Sep’96

Hell: Dec’96 (see also Five Essentials #3); Jun’99; rich man and Lazarus, May’07; will sinners burn in, Dec’07

High Priest: Nov’96

Holy City: Dimensions, May’10

Holy Spirit: Apr’97; May’97; Aug’97; role, Sep’98; conviction, Oct’98; Elijah, Dec’98; Sep’99; be filled with, Apr’00; comforts, Sep’00; seen in Elijah, Jun’02; power during great tribulation, Jul’02; Christian needs daily infusion, Nov’02; unpardonable sin, Jan’08; two objectives, Oct’08; Samson, Nov’09

Homeland Security: since 9/11, Apr’03

Honesty: Aug’05; character trait in Great Tribulation, Sept’05; honest heart, Oct’10

Hope: Jesus giver, Jan’09; is there any, Oct’10

Horn Power: Daniel 8, Aug’98

Hurricanes: Katrina, Oct’05; Katrina and Wilma, Dec’05

Hypocrites: pseudo-Christian, Nov’02;

Idolatry: modern definition, Jan’01; problem of, Feb’02; church of Pergamum, Jan’03

Image: Nebuchadnezzer’s gold, Feb’02

Immorality: Jul’97; Sep’99; sexual, Apr’02; church of Pergamum, Jan’03; church of Thyatira, Feb’03; sexual, Oct’10

Injustice: why God permits, Aug’09

Inner Court: May’97

Inspiration: definition, Oct’97

Integrity: God honors, Feb’07

Interpretation: methods, July’10

Isaac: Married Rebecah, Dec’09

Isaiah: foreknowledge, Mar’01

Islam: abolished during Great Tribulation, Mar’10

Israel: literal vs spiritual, Apr’96; explanation, Feb’97; chosen people, Oct’98; seventy sevens, Aug’98; Feb’99; apostasy, May’00; prophetic destiny and identity, Oct’00; identity, Apr’01; rebellion, Apr’02; no longer trustees, Jan’06; destruction by Arabs, Feb’06; end time role (?), Oct’07; Jacob’s name changed, Jan’10; reason why Israel’s history recorded, Jan’10; leaves Egypt, Oct’11

Jacob: liar, Dec’09; wrestled with God, Jan’10

Jehovah Witnesses: Feb’06

Jeremiah: life overview and end time parallels, May’00; foreknowledge, Mar’01

Jerusalem: holy ground, Apr’99

Jesus: gift of, Mar’99; role of advocate, Sep’99; found worthy, Aug’01; freedom from sin, Sep’02; mystery of, Mar’04; role in Heaven, Mar’05; is the Rock, Jan’09; owns everything, Jan’09; is Judge, Apr’11; sinful or sinless nature, Jan’12; existence before coming to Earth, Feb’12

Jews: still chosen people (?), Dec’05; spiritual activists, Jun’10

Jezebel: Elijah experience, May’02; mysteries of religion, Feb’03

Job – Cosmic Drama: Aug’99

John, the Baptizer: the Baptist, May’97; story of, Jun’02

Jonah: three days/nights, Feb’00

Jones, Captain John Paul: story of, Dec’97

Josiah: a time of restoration, Nov’00

Joy: Aug’97; Dec’97; Feb’07; before I die, Apr’08

Jubilee Calendar: Sabbath, Nov’95; Mar’96; May’96; Oct’96; rule of, Aug’98; chart, Jun’99; chart, Jul’99; verifies errors of 70th week doctrine, Oct’00; Sept’06

Judaism: abolished during Great Tribulation, Mar’10

Judas: depiction in movie, Apr’04

Judgment: Pretribulation, Jun’07; God’s judgment, Dec’07

Julian/Gregorian Calendar: Oct’96; Nov’99

Justice: Jul’97; God’s wrath, May’98; God’s, Jan’00

Justification: for children, Sept’08; covered by Christ’s righteousness, Jan’12

Justinian: history repeats itself, Jun’11

Keys of the Kingdom: Sept’03

King of North/South: Daniel 11, Aug’98

Kings of East: Oct’99

Kings from the East: explanation of sixth plague, Oct’99

Lamb: Mar’98

Lamb-like: Mar’98; Satan is, Nov’11

Lamp Stand: Oct’96; Apr’97; two witnesses, Jun’07

Laver: Oct’96

Law: Ten Commandments, Mar’00; separate from Law of Moses, Jan’11; laws have consequences, Jun’11; Paul’s insight into, Nov’11

Lazarus: May’07, brother to Mary Magdalene, Jul’07

Legalism: explanation, Nov’11; claims that Sabbath is, Nov’11

Leopard-like Beast: Mar’09

Litch, Josiah: (see Asteroid Impact brochure)

Lord’s Day: Jun’06 – Aug’06

Lord’s Supper: Oct’11

Love: God’s, Nov’98; seen in foreknowledge, Jun’01; Christian’s tested, Nov’02; balance, Apr’07; God’s is, Mar’11; God’s love drives out fear, Sept’11; relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is, Feb’12

Loyalty: test for Daniel, Jan’02; three Hebrews test, Feb’02

Lucifer: spiritual war involving Job, Aug’99; use of attractive nuisances, Sep’99; fall of, Jan’00; cast from heaven, Jan’03; appears, Jun’04; destruction he causes, Dec’06; allowed to live after sinning, Aug’09; lived in Heaven, Sept’10

Mark of Beast (666): Nov’96; why a mark, Mar’98; tattoo, Jan’00; parallel seen in story of Moses, Oct’02; Satan’s mark, Nov’11; explanation, Jun’08

Marriage: after second coming, Mar’06

Martial Law: during tribulation, Jun’04; during the trumpets, Jun’11

Martyrs: Apr’97; during tribulation, Nov’99; assurance to, Jul’00; John the Baptist, Jun’02; Stephen, Jul’02; terrorist use murder/martyrdom, Jan’04

Mary Magdalene: Jul’07

Matthew 24: two prophecies, May’05; conflicting statement (?), Jul’11

Melchizedek: tithing, Sept’07

Men: dominance, Jun’06 – Aug’06

Mercy Seat: Oct’96

Messianic Prophecy: Israel failed, Sept’09

Middle East Hostages: given three choices, Oct’06

Middle of Week (70th week): Mar’96

Millennium: Mar’96; Apr’96, new, Dec’98; Jun’99; last millennium, Dec’99; explanation, May’08

Miller, William: (see also Asteroid Impact brochure); 2300 days,Aug’98; Millerite Movement, Feb’09

Miracles: Aug’00; of 144,000; Satan’s, May’02

Mithraism: first century worship, Aug’08

Mohammed: established sixth day of worship, Aug’08

Moore, Judge Roy: refusal to remove Ten Commandments, Apr’06;

Mordecai: role with Esther, Mar’02

Moses: presence of God, Apr’00; end time parallel, Oct’02; speaks with God on Mt. Sinai, Jan’05; Law of Moses, Jun’06 – Aug’06; Law of Moses, Jan’11

Most Holy Place: Oct’96

Motives: Oct’01

Mt. Moriah: Sept’07; specialness, Sept’09

Music: Sep’99

Muslims: Temple Mount, Feb’06

Mystery of God: May’97

Nailed to Cross: tithing, Sept’07; Sabbath, Nov’11

Nations: God sets up, Jun’10

Nature: random and violent, Oct’05

Nazarite Vow: no drinking, Sept’08; Samson’s vow, Nov’09

Nebuchadnezzar (King): three Hebrews, Feb’02; used as God’s servant, Feb’02; parallel to crisis government in Great Tribulation, Nov’06; Jesus established Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom, Jan’09

New Earth: Apr’96

New Jerusalem: temple, May’10

New Testament: covenants, Oct’98

New World Order: Jan’96

New Year Calculation (Israel): explanation and chart, Jul’99

Nicodemus: Apr’99; Aug’05

Noah: May’97; May’99; foreknowledge, Mar’01; story of, Sep’02; closing door of ark, Mar’05; destruction of flood, Apr’05; got drunk, Sept’08; world destroyed, Sept’09; world becomes like Noah’s day, Jun’10; censer thrown down, Nov’10; as in the days of Noah, Jul’11

Non-religious wicked: represented by Esau, Jan’10

North – Destruction From: Oct’99; summon my servant from, May’00

Obedience: works oriented, Aug’07

Obsession: Nov’05

Old Testament: covenants, Oct’98

Olive Tree: two witnesses, Jun’07

Omnipresent/Omnipotent: definition, Nov’98; book of life, Jun’01Jul’01

Ottoman Empire: did not fall when expected, Feb’09

Overcoming: church at Ephesus, Dec’02; Pergamum, Jan’03: Thyratira, Feb’03; Symrna and Philadelphia, Mar’03; Sardis, Apr’03; Laodicea, May’03; admitting guilt, Oct’09

Parable: math teacher, Jul’10; three boys, Aug’10

Paradigm: Great Tribulation will shatter, Mar’10

Passion: the movie, Apr’04

Pastors: role of women, Jun’06 – Aug’06

Passover: May’96; Oct’96; events of Jesus’ last Passover, Feb’00

Patience: God has limits, Dec’04

Patriot Act: security, Apr’03

Paul/Saul: life of, Jul’02; Damascus road experience, Aug’05; how should Christians respond to Paul’s writings, Aug’11; amazing conversion, Nov’11

Peace: call for, Apr’97; internal, Aug’97; through affliction, Sep’00; and safety, Nov’01; opposite meaning of war, Dec’01; calling for peace and safety, Nov’03; peace and safety, Sept’04; Feb’07; peace before I die, Apr’08; Jesus brings peace, Jan’09

Pentecost: May’96; Nov’96 (see also Five Essentials #5)

Perfection: attainable (?), Aug’07; not possible, Jan’12

Persecution: 42 months, Apr’97; May’97; Jul’97; God’s people, Nov’99; God’s people in all generations, Jun’02; Saul’s, Jul’02; going through tribulation, Nov’07; why God allows,May’09

Peter: Sept’03; denial, Oct’06; May’09

Pharisees: blind guides, Apr’00; required conformity, Jul’02

Philadelphia, Church of: Nov’07

Philistines: dealing with Samson, Nov’09

Pilate: story of, Aug’02; what is truth, Aug’05

Plan A and Plan B: Feb’97; seen in John the Baptist, Jun’02; Jan’06; Feb’06; intended will, Jun’06 – Aug’06; Apr’10

Plan of Salvation: Sep’96

Plague: Apr’97; May’97; covenants, Oct’98; Pharaoh, Oct’02; God sends plagues on Israel for golden calf, Jan’05

Politics: Christian activism, Jun’10

Pope: Sept’03; leads coalition, Jun’04; power broken, Apr’09

Pornography: Sep’99; Nov’05

Prayer: change outcome, Nov’98; Daniel’s reasons for fasting and, Jan’02; three Hebrews prepared with fasting and, Feb’02; power of Elijah’s, May’02; prayer life, Apr’08; four our enemies, Aug’09; helps to overcome, Oct’10; discussion on, May’11; prayer helps with fear, Sept’11

Predators: Jun’10

Predestination: explanation, Nov’95; Jul’99; explanation, Mar’01; Jun’01 – Jul’01

Pretribulation Rapture: Jun’07

Pride: Nebuchadnezzar’s, Feb’02

Promiscuity: Apr’08; Oct’10

Prophet(s): God’s OT prophets, May’00; explanation of false, Feb’02; God’s description of, Jul’02; how to identify, Mar’08

Prophecy: five kinds, Feb’09; prophetic samples, Sept’09; most people do not understand, Jun’10; why experts disagree, July’10

Prosperity Doctrine: spiritual bankruptcy, May’01

Providence: watch for God’s, Nov’10

Punctiliar moment: Apr’05

Purim: feast of, Mar’02

Purity: Sep’99

Purpose of life: Jun’05

Quick Reference Chart: explanation, Oct’04

Rapture: (see also Five Essentials #3); clarification, Mar’98; explanation and history of, Feb’99; 144,000 supposed role, Oct’00; pre-trib schematic, Apr’01; church of Philadelphia, Mar’03; fact or fiction, Dec’05; theory flawed, Feb’06

Rebellion: against God, Mar’99; until occurs, Jul’00; destroyed Judah and Israel, Nov’00; resulting in captivity, Jan’02; terminates God’s plans, Nov’02; brings terrorists, Sept’04; Israel, Jan’05

Redemption: draws near, Dec’01

Rehoboam: parallel from history, Nov’00

Religion: Feb’96; Jul’96; (see also Five Essentials #2); Jul’97; Feb’98; during great tribulation, Apr’98; nuisance, Sep’99; man-made, Nov’99; becomes harsh, May’00; inherent antagonism, Nov’01; Pharisee’s, Jul’02; zeal, Apr’03; differences in, May’03; carnal religion not helping, Jun’05; heritage disappears, Mar’10

Religious Wicked: represented by Jacob, Jan’10

Remnant Church: explanation, Mar’09

Repentance: true remorse, Feb’01

Restitution: Dec’07; to former employer, Aug’08; God requires, Oct’09

Resurrection: two different times, Dec’07; May’08

Revelation: Quick Reference Chart-side two, Oct’04; teaching incorrectly, May’10; difference from other books in Bible, Jul’10

Revenge: different than vengeance, Mar’11

Rich Young Ruler Test: May’03; Dec’08

Rich Man and Lazarus: Dec’05; May’07

Ridicule: Jan’08

Rosetta Stone: explanation, Jul’10

Rules of Interpretation: sealed up, Aug’98; guide to true understanding, Jul’10; consistent behavior, Aug’10; Rule One, Aug’10

Sabbath Rest: test, Nov’95; Mar’96; May’96; Jun’96 (also see Five Essentials #4); Nov’96; as relates to Jubilee cycles, Jun’99; test, Jan’00; observance, Mar’00; WUAS belief statement, Dec’00; set apart, Jan’01; worship, Oct’01; for land, Jan’02; Israel violated, Feb’02; test for Moses and Israelites, Oct’02; Seventh day, Jun’06 – Aug’06; Aug’08; Sabbath Millennium, May’08; God’s day, Nov’11

Sacrifice: God does not want, Jan’05

Salem: city of, Sep’07

Salvation: (see also Five Essentials #2); during great tribulation, Apr’98; God’s plan, Sep’98; salvation, Jan’99; Mar’99; explanation of sanctification process, Sep’99; man’s need, Jan’00; WUAS belief statement, Dec’00; Dec’05; offered as a gift to everyone, Oct’08; heart specific, Mar’10; once saved always saved, Sept’10

Samson: prophetic sample, Nov’09

Samuel: becomes prophet, Feb’05

Sanctification: Aug’07; victory over sin through faith, Jan’12

Sanctuary (earthly): Sep’96; furniture, Oct’96; Nov’96; Apr’99; WUAS belief statement, Dec’00

Sarah: God opened womb, Sept’09

Satan: king of north, Aug’98; two-faced, Mar’98; Aug’99; attacks God’s people, Aug’00; having heyday, May’01; intelligent being, Dec’01; lies, Jan’03; Jezebel was agent of, Feb’03; synagogue of (church at Smyrna), Mar’03; Jul’03; Aug’03;

Scofield, C.I.: history of 2300 days, Aug’98

Sealing: Apr’97; May’97; 144,000, Feb’98; Dec’00; 144,000, Jun’09

Second Coming: Jan’96; Apr’97; different views, Feb’99; Jun’99; WUAS belief statement, Dec’00; grand finale, Sep’01; not mentioned in Old Testament, Jan’06; not a surprise, Sept’06; Millennium, May’08; no surprise, Nov’10

Seven Bowls (Plagues): wrath of God, May’98; wrath without mercy, Jan’00; Aug’05; explanation, Mar’07, Apr’07; explanation, Mar’11

Seven Churches: chart, Feb’99; Ephesus, Dec’02; Pergamum, Jan’03, Thyatira, Feb’03

Seven Cycles: of apostasy, Apr’02

Seven Heads: explanation, Mar’98; specifications, Nov’06

Seven Kings: five are fallen, one is and one is not, Nov’06

Seven Seals: questions/answers, Nov’95; explanation, Jun’98, book of life, Jun’01; revelation of Jesus, Jul’01Aug’01; four horsemen, Sep’01

Seven Mountains: explanation, Nov’06

Seven Trumpets: Jan’96 (see also Asteroid Impact brochure); Mar’97; Apr’97; May’97; explanation and discussion of historical view, Jan’99; Jun’99; causing people to choose, Sep’02; brief summary, Aug’05; overview of first four, Nov’06; Mark of Beast, Jun’08; are they meaningless, Mar’09; seventh trumpet ark of covenant, Jan’11; cause Babylon to form, Feb’11

Seven Thunders: Apr’97

Seventieth Week: Jul’03

Seventy Weeks: Aug’98; Jul’99

Sexuality: Jul’97; healthy side of, Feb’01; what Jesus says about, Feb’03; abuse, Jul’05; immorality, Jul’07

Sheep and Goats: Dec’03, separating, Aug’05; obedient worship separates, Jan’11; time of wrath, Mar’11

Signs of End: Jun’00; May’01; Matthew 24, Dec,01; signs not date specific, Nov’10

Sin: power of, Sep’99; curse of, Jan’00; God’s patience limited; Nov’00; modern idolatry, Jan’01; adultery, Feb’01; contagious, May’01; desensitized to, Sep’02; three types, Mar’05; sinful nature, Aug’07; penalty for, Dec’07; sin’s curse, Jul’08; power of choice, Aug’09; penalty and consequences, Oct’09; two brothers separated by sin and reunited by humility, Jan’10; saint’s sin sorrow, Jan’10; Apr’10; defiant sin can lead to demon possession, Oct’10; four types of sin, Oct’10; slaves to sin; Oct’11; no man without sin except Jesus, Jan’12

Sin Offering: Sep’96

Six Seals: charted, Feb’04

Sixth Commandment: relation to God’s wrath, May’98

Six Trumpets: Feb’04

Sixth Trumpet War: Apr’97

Sodom and Egypt (figurative): Apr’97; Pharaoh’s heart, Oct’02

Solomon’s Temple: on Mt. Moriah, Sept’09

Soul Sleep: Mar’96; Dec’96 (also see Five Essential #3); second coming-people resurrected, May’08

Sovereignty: of God, Jan’02; Feb’02; Mar’02; Apr’02; May’02; Jun’02; Jul’02; Aug’02; Sep’02; Oct’02

Spirit of Prophecy: definition, Sep’98

Spiritualism: Aug’97

Starry Hosts: explanation, Aug’98

Stephen: stoned, Jul’02

Stern-faced king: Nebuchadnezzar a type, Feb’02

Stewardship: sound principles, Jan’09

Submission: what God wants, Jan’05; Jesus submits to Father, Jun’05; women, Jan’06; submit to husband or God, Nov’08; Isaac’s submission to his father, Sept’09; Jesus in Garden, Dec’10; submission in prayer, May’11; Paul’s view, Aug’11; many “think” they have surrendered, Nov’11

Substance Abuse: July’05

Sudden Death: Mar’05

Suffering: Aug’99; glory in, Aug’00; personal aspects of, Sep’00; during great tribulation (parallel to Daniel), Jan’02; God’s people suffer, Mar’03; Jul’03; general principles, Apr’10

Sunday: keepers, Mar’00; worship, Oct’01; Sunday Laws, Mar’09

Table of Presence: Oct’96

Tattoo: mark in Moses’ day, Oct’02; Satan’s mark, Nov’11; Mark of Beast, Jun’08

Temple: of God, Sep’96 (see also Five Essentials #5); cleansing, Nov’96; cleansing, Aug’98; earthly, Apr’99; Jesus’ present ministry, Mar’05; will Jews rebuild (?), Jan’06, Feb’06; first temple built where Abraham offered Isaac, Feb’06

Temple Mount: Jan’06

Temptation: Aug’03; Apr’10; Jesus in wilderness, Jan’12

Ten Commandments: Sep’96; Jun’96 (see also Five Essentials #4); May’97; covenants, Oct’98; idolatry, Jan’01; adultery, Feb’01; contained in ark, Sep’02; Moses obeyed, Oct’02; Judge Moore, Oct’03; exalting and not exalting God, Oct’03; cannot change, Mar’05; commission, Apr’06; Seventh-day, Jun’06 – Aug’06

Ten Kings: join Stan’s ranks, Mar’11

Ten Virgins: Apr’97; May’97

Terrorism: sign of end (?), Sept’04

Testing: Jul’04

Testimony of Jesus: definition, Sep’98

The Way: history of, Jul’02; new religion called, Dec’02

Three Angels: first message, Jun’04; second message, Jul’04; third message, Aug’04

Three Frogs: Oct’99; explanation, Aug’05

Three Hebrews: Jul’97; story of, Feb’02

Time of Trouble: Jacob’s, Jan’10

Time, Times, half a time: explanation’ Jul’99; God allows saints to be handed over, May’09

Timing: God master of, Jul’99; 18 time spans, July’10; time study vs. time setting, Nov’10

Tithing: still required (?), Sept’07

Tower of Babel: Sept’07

Trials: Elijah, Dec’98; God’s people will have, Mar’03

Trinity: Jehovah Witnesses view, Feb’08

Trust: obeying also means, Jan’00; three Hebrews, Feb’02

Trusteeship of Gospel: Apr’05; selecting new trustees, Sept’09

Truth: Jul’97; divisive, Jun’98; search for, Aug’98; prayer, Nov’98; God’s prophets suffer for, May’00; during great tribulation, Jul’00; testing, Jan’03; condemns, May’03; Aug’03; loving God’s truth, Aug’05; standing on principles of, Jul’11

Tsunami: Act of God (?), Dec’04

TV Viewing: Jul’97; Sep’99; accountability, May’01; Apr’08

Twenty Four Elders: Apr’97; as related to book of life, Jun’98

Twelve Tribes: definition, Feb’98; 144,000 in relation to, Oct’00

Two Tomorrows: living with knowledge of Jesus’ soon return, Nov’10

Two Witnesses: Apr’97 (includes chart); May’97; Feb’98; Elijah and Moses, May’02; explanation, Jun’07

Unclean: Peter’s vision, Mar’10

Unilateral Covenant: definition, Oct’98

Universal Death Decree: in Esther’s day, Mar’02

Unpardonable Sin: Jun’07, explanation, Jan’08

Vengeance, God’s: Jul’97; seven bowls, May’98; during seven bowls, Mar’07; explanation, Mar’11

Virgin Mary, apparitions: Aug’97

Wake Up America Seminars: inception, Dec’97; belief statement, Dec’00

War: inevitable, Dec’01; rumors of, May’03; what Jesus says about, May’03

Warren, Rick: Purpose Driven Life, Jun’05

Wealth: Jesus gives, Jan’09

What-Why-When Video: Feb’10

Wilderness: Israel 40 years, Sept’05; God’s voice clearest when in, Dec’10

Wine: wedding feast-not fermented, Sept’08; a mocker, Sept’08

Witnessing: about coming tribulation, Jan’07

Women: treated poorly, Jun’06 – Aug’06; in ministry, Jun’06 – Aug’06; Paul’s view, Aug’11

Works and Salvation:Jun’06 – Aug’06

World: Divided into ten sectors, Dec’06

World Trade Center: comments on disaster, Nov’01

World War III: Apr’97; Sept’06

Worship: God requires, Oct’01; test of, Dec’03; true worship, Jan’05; appeasement no substitute, Feb’05

Worry: Aug’97; to much worry, Jun’10

Worthiness: of Lamb, Mar’98; Jesus’, Jun’98; Jesus’,Oct’01; Feb’04

Wrath of God: seven bowls, May’98; purpose of, Feb’99; during tribulation, Jan’00; man’s response to, Dec’00; revealed through Gideon, Apr’02; during tribulation, Apr’03; redemptive and destructive, Dec’04; random acts of nature not God, Dec’04; rapture – missing wrath (?), Dec’05; God’s wrath produces Babylon, Feb’11

Y2K: Apr’99; Dec’99

Zechariah: vision of olive tree and lamp stand, Jun’07