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YouTube Series: The Book of Hebrews
Here is a thought provoking excerpt from the Hebrews book that Rex is working on. The link above will take you to the Hebrews seminar videos that the book is transcribed from. 

“Let me explain something that can be confusing, but once you understand, it will make perfect sense. In 600 BC, there were three prophets alive: Daniel, who was in the palace in Babylon; Ezekiel, who was in the fields in Babylon; Jeremiah, who was left behind in Jerusalem 800 miles away. These three prophets were living at the same time, but God told Daniel a different story than Ezekiel and Jeremiah.

On the one hand, God revealed Plan A to Jeremiah and Ezekiel. He told the two men what would be done if Israel repented. God wanted His prophet in Jerusalem, Jeremiah, to tell the captives and His prophet in Babylon, Ezekiel, to tell the exiles. On the other hand, God had another prophet in Babylon to whom He revealed Plan B. This prophet recorded events that would come to pass IF Plan A did not materialize. Why would God speak about both plans at the same time?”

Scripture Thought for the Day

Deuteronomy 18:18 ESV / I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers. And I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them all that I command him.


  • YouTube Comment: Melinda says… What a truly shocking statement by Larry: “Christians today have created their own God, and they call him Jesus.” I cannot stand it when Christians talk about having a conversation with Jesus, and yet, they are not even studying the Bible! Here is the audio that this comment was posted on.
  • General: We have received many comments over the phone from customers ordering Larry’s books and other products for the first time. We usually ask them how they heard about us. Some of the recent responss include finding Larry’s books at a second hand store, finding us in an online search, finding a booklet at a local store, and especially some sweet person offering them a book or booklet. It’s exciting when we meet someone new over the phone. Larry Wilson’s teaching has impacted many people all over the world.

Prayer Requests

  • California: Please pray for all the people affected by weather related damage and flooding.
  • Roy: Roy has been snowed in for 10 days and lives all by himself. Please pray for his safety.


  • Read Booklet #44: The Trinity – One God or Three? online! The Jews in Christ’s day believed that there was only one God and this is why they accused Jesus of blasphemy when He declared himself an equal to Jehovah. This booklet explains the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit acting separately, each as one God.
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