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The Prophetic Keys to the Future

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Righteousness By Faith

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The Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast

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Paul Shapes Christianity

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The Untold Story of Jesus

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No More Delay

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Jesus The Alpha and The Omega

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Bible Stories with End Time Parallels

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Books on Bible Prophecy


Daniel Unlocked for the Final Generation

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Introduction to Revelation

Introduction to Bible Prophecy


The Lamb’s Book of Life

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The 144,000

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A Study on the Seven Trumpets, Two Witnesses, and Four Beasts of Revelation

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Commentary on Daniel and Revelation

This book contains the KJV translation of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation along with the author’s paraphrase of the texts, and a commentary covering the end time prophecies.

Jesus’ Final Victory Complete eBook Text (in pdf)

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From Creation to New Earth

  • Events from Creation to the “New Creation”
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  • The Grand Week/Seven Grand Days/7,000 Years
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Wordless Bible Prophecy Study

A new study series about scriptural topics designed for in-depth Bible study.


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Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled

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