Isaiah – Plan A/Plan B – What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Dear Wake Up Family: As you will see in the enclosed book, Isaiah was given the task of sharing a message with his fellow Israelites. God sent the prophet to tell Israel and Judah that He was preparing destruction for both of them unless they repented of their apostasy. From Obadiah through Isaiah, it’s the…


What is the Next Date of Interest (Part 1)

Dear Wake Up Family, Throughout the years, we have frequently received a question that goes like this: “Larry Wilson said that <insert date here> was a date of interest for the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Since that date has passed, what did he say the next date will be?” Some ask the question because…


God is About to Implement a New World Order

Dear Wake Up Family: When compiling materials for the Transcript Series books, I’m always searching through Larry’s archives, looking for an email or document I haven’t seen before. He wrote thousands of pages about the Bible. This month’s article is taken from a 1996 seminar. It’s absolutely dripping with his “voice”, and if you listen…

The Sealed Book

In 2016, we released the book The Lamb’s Book of Life about the seven seals and the Book of Life. However, we have not previously prepared a shorter presentation on the seven seals of Revelation. Since we began preparing booklets a few years ago, we have had requests for a booklet explaining the seven seals….


Earth’s Final Cup of Iniquity

Dear Wake Up Family: Throughout history, Satan has led individuals and nations to reject God’s plan for them. The Old Testament provides numerous examples of Israel’s rejection of God and the consequences they faced due to their idolatry. Just one generation after Joshua’s death, “The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord and…