What does the future hold?

We offer two books which provide a clear explanation of end-time events from a biblical perspective. We invite you to order a copy on us. All we ask is that you pay $3 for shipping and handling if you would like a physical copy. We won’t try to get you to join a church, give money, or send you lots of emails. We just want you to read the book and see if its message changes your life the way it changed ours.

Latest Book!

First Published in 1988, but Still Relevant!

Bible Prophecy Says. . .

  • World War III is inevitable
  • Nuclear exchanges will kill millions of innocent people
  • People worldwide will cry for “peace and safety”
  • Jesus will say “No More Delay”
  • Jesus will end World War III with divine intervention
  • Jesus will send. . .
    • A global earthquake
    • A fiery meteor storm
    • A large asteroid into an ocean; another on land
    • A barrage of volcano eruptions
  • These events will terminate life as we know it
  • The world’s political and religious leaders will unite to create a new world order

Now is the time to learn about God’s plans for Earth.


The Great Tribulation will soon begin.  God is about to step into the affairs of men and bring our world order of sin, violence, degeneracy and death to a close.  The book of Revelation contains a dramatic story of how Jesus Christ Himself will annihilate the great red dragon (Lucifer) and his wicked followers.  Terrible events are coming, but God will create a new Heaven and a new Earth where His children will live forever.

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  • Option 4)  Listen to a FREE audio version of Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled

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