Video Link Year ReleasedCatalog LinkSeries Number
1.Righteousness by Faith – Explained1998 Buy DVDs207
2.The Coming King1999-2001208
3.Great Clocks from God2001
4.Parallels and Patterns (The Way God Works)2000210
5.Looking Ahead After Looking Behind2001211
6.Prophecy Study on Ezekiel2002-03Buy DVDs212
7.Prophecy Study on Daniel2003-04Buy DVDs213
8.Five Essential Bible Truths2004214
9.Prophecy Study on Revelation2005-07Buy DVDs214
10.Natural Disasters and the End Time2005 
11.Introduction to Revelation2006 
12.Hightlights of the Second Coming2008Buy DVDs215
13.Crisis, Courage, and Compassion2009216
14.Circumstances & Consequences
(The Balance of Justice & Mercy)
2009Buy DVDs216
15.What, Why, When2010217 
16.Jesus' Final Victory DVD Set
(Daniel & Revelation Prophecy Advanced
2012-13Buy DVDs300
17.The Lake Tahoe Seminar – 20132013Buy DVDs301
18.The Mark of the Beast
(Part of the 2003 Ezekiel Series)
19.The Mark of the Beast is Not a Microchip2013302 
20.The Book of Hebrews2014Buy DVDs303
21.The Lake Tahoe Seminar – 20142014Buy DVDs305
22.Bible Prophecy Made Simple2014306
23.Why I Worship the God of Abraham2015307
24.Debunking the Blood Moons Prophecy2016308
25.When Did Jesus Die? The Date of Christ's Crucifixion2015Buy DVDs310
26.The Timing of God's Prophetic Jubilee Calendar2015Buy DVDs311
27.Recent Dates in Bible Prophecy2015Buy DVDs312
28.The Bible History and End Time Prophecy Timeline2015Buy DVDs313
29.Fort Walton Beach – Larry Wilson2016Buy DVDs314
30.Fort Walton Beach – Letty Kincaid2016Buy DVDs315
31.Fort Walton Beach – Paul Lundgrin2016Buy DVDs316
32.An Outline of End Time Events2016318
33.Jacksonville 2016 Questions and Answers2016319
34.How Demons Take Control of People2017320
35.Do You Know . . . That Jesus . .2018321
36.Book – "No More Delay" Video Reading2019 

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