Larry Wilson Passing

Watch Larry Wilson's "Celebration of Life" service at the link below: Celebration of Life Dearest friends, Thank you so much for your concerns, cards and prayers for Larry and me over the past three years. Larry died on January 11, 2021 from ALS complications (Lou Gehrig's disease). He was 72. We were married 50+ years….


Ephesians – Explained

This booklet is part 2 of a continuing booklet series of interlaced comments on Paul’s epistles. He wrote to the church in Ephesus about predestination, spiritual gifts and how Christ is reflected in his people when they reflect His holy character. This booklet is based on material published on our website. To study further, visit…

Death | Hell

Does Life End at Death?

This booklet offers a detailed explanation of what the Bible teaches about life and death. Many Bible questions are resolved including: • Where does the Spirit go at death? • Did Jesus preach to the spirits in hell? • Was Lazarus actually burning in hell? • Do the lost burn in hell forever? • Did…


Peace and Joy Before I Die

"Mr. Wilson: I am 28 years old. My parents divorced when I was seven and my mother married a man with two small children. Together, they had one child. By the time I was nine, I felt as though I did not have a mom or a dad. To overcome my rejection and loneliness, I…