What is the Next Date of Interest (Part 1)

Dear Wake Up Family, Throughout the years, we have frequently received a question that goes like this: “Larry Wilson said that <insert date here> was a date of interest for the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Since that date has passed, what did he say the next date will be?” Some ask the question because…

1335 Days

The Calendar of Last Day Events – Ft. Walton Beach 2016 https://wake-up.org/bible-prophecy/six-trumpets-of-revelation.html https://wake-up.org/book-of-life-who-is-jesus/lucifer-masquerading-as-god.html https://wake-up.org/great-tribulation/great-prostitute-armageddon.html YouTube Links: https://youtu.be/Upqok1M8_qQ?si=mCFlydRYR3AZNr8w https://youtu.be/AyfXLRGbgoI?si=zgXfONAzs0Nlanom https://youtu.be/eArdaBsXtPs?si=PHRB2gANGyLenrng Great Clocks from God

Great Clocks From God

Great Clocks from God Over two decades ago, Larry wrote an in-depth study on principles of timing in the Bible. God uses many methods to measure time and these measurements help us interpret biblical timing. We have updated this study with new graphics and hope it makes Bible timing easier to understand. In this updated…

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Bible History and End Time Prophecy Timeline

This video series covers a chart showing historical events since creation and future events culminating in the creation of the new earth.  Because there is historical evidence showing the relationship of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, a framework shows the alignment of five prophecies in Daniel and twelve prophecies in Revelation. Link: Bible History and End…