The Past, Present and Year 2000

It is good, every now and then, to stop and recount our blessings. By the time you read the December 1998 Day Star, this year will be almost history. So, I would like to share the joy in my heart as I recall the blessings I have received this past year from Day Star readers….

Bible Characters

Elijah's Legacy – A Twist in the Story

Is it my imagination? I don’t think so! Lately, Satan has apparently intensified his attack on God’s creation. Disease and tragedy is rampant, causing great hardship and heartache for the entire human race. No family on Earth has escaped the sickening consequences of sin’s raging scourge. People’s serious or sad expressions and drooping shoulders often…


Does Prayer Change the Outcome?

Let us begin with a reality check. Have you ever been in a desperate situation where you really needed special help from God and no help arrived? Have you ever had a "death valley" experience and from your perspective, it seemed God totally ignored your cry for help? Have you ever been angry and frustrated…


What Changed at the Cross

Ever since Jesus died and was resurrected, believers have discussed the question, "What was nailed to the cross?" The simplicity of this question belies the enormity of this subject. This question profoundly concerns Christians because the way they answer it influences their Christian walk. Therefore, this subject deserves prayerful study and investigation. While the question…

Time Periods

The 2300 Days of Daniel 8:14

Editorial comment: This larger, single issue of the Day Star is a double issue and represents the July and August 1998 editions. WUAS decided to publish a two-month single edition for two reasons. First, because the study of Daniel 8 is so complex, it deserves a comprehensive presentation. Previously, comprehensive studies have been published in…