Isaiah – Plan A/Plan B – What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Dear Wake Up Family: As you will see in the enclosed book, Isaiah was given the task of sharing a message with his fellow Israelites. God sent the prophet to tell Israel and Judah that He was preparing destruction for both of them unless they repented of their apostasy. From Obadiah through Isaiah, it’s the…



Larry Wilson was always focused on understanding Daniel and Revelation; however, he taught on many other Bible books such as the book of Isaiah. He believed that we can only understand God’s plan to save his people if we consider the entire Bible. He believed that through studying what each Bible writer revealed about God’s…

Shadows of God

Most of Larry Wilson’s presentations focus on the prophetic books of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. However, some of the other Bible prophets provide a deeper understanding of end time events. In this audio series, Mr. Wilson presents a review of the remaining Old Testament prophets.