The Prophetic Keys to the Future

The world is crumbling around us. Nations are fighting, and the battle lines are drawn by race and ideology. Churches have lost focus, cities are becoming war zones, and politicians can’t even agree that we have problems. Religious and political leaders are unwilling to address societal issues, ignoring them in the hope that they will go away. How can anything get worse since the world is already spiraling into disaster?

The Bible has answers to the world’s problems, but no one can agree on what it says. The Bible predicts that Jesus is returning soon, so why has he waited nearly 2,000 years while evil is metastasized in our culture?

The prophecies of Daniel and John have the answer. In this book, you will:

  • Learn how God ends Earth’s chaos
  • Learn how the devil appears before Jesus returns
  • Learn how four rules provide a foundation to understand Bible prophecy
  • Learn how God interrupts world events
  • Learn how God plans to save each person who walks by faith
  • Learn about Satan’s final stand on Earth
  • Learn the order of events during the Great Tribulation

The hidden war between good and evil is about to break out into the open, and no one can avoid it. Seventeen prophecies in Daniel and Revelation show how global disasters along with religious and political events converge to force everyone to choose whom to follow—the devil or Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming soon to overthrow evil and rescue His children.

This book will help you understand the seventeen prophecies, prepare you for upcoming events, and reveal a God of love beyond anything you can imagine.

This book is based on Larry Wilson’s lifelong study of Bible prophecy. The Prophetic Keys to the Future is a condensed version of his book, Jesus’ Final Victory, and provides a color-coded outline of the seventeen important end-time prophecies.

Larry W. Wilson

Larry Wilson, founder of WUAS, became a born-again Christian in 1972. His interest in the gospel led him on a 40+ year quest to learn more about what God has revealed to Earth’s final generation. The results of his research have been shared throughout the world in books, television & radio broadcasts, media interviews, and seminars that are publicly available on all different types of media (see our Christian Bookstore).

What is Wake Up America Seminars (WUAS)?
Wake Up America Seminars, Inc. is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization with a focus on the study of End-Time Prophecy. WUAS is not a church, nor does it endorse any denomination. Our focus is singular: We are dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and His imminent return. We are delighted that people of all faiths are diligently using the Bible study materials produced by WUAS. All study materials are based solely on the Bible alone.

Larry W. Wilson

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