Sunday Worship

  • Sunday is not Sacred

    To be as clear as possible, I would like to begin by defining a term with roots in the sixteenth century which is rarely used today: “salvific faith.” I understand that salvific faith occurs when a person is prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something that is right and honorable in God’s sight, even

  • Why Worship on Sunday? A Saturday vs Sunday Comparison

    I have been an advocate for “salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ” for more than forty years. I also believe in the perpetual and obligatory nature of the Ten Commandments at a time when many Christians have been led to think that faith and obedience are mutually opposed. It is a joy to share

  • Worship the Beast of Revelation or Die

    The Great Tribulation is a Time of Testing Someone has said that truth can be stranger than fiction. If this is true, then here is a truth that could be stranger than fiction: The Bible predicts the final generation will face a life and death controversy over the question of worship. Many people think worship

  • Did People Worship On The Seventh Day Sabbath Before Mt. Sinai?

    Some Christians question whether God’s seventh day Sabbath was observed before He gave the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai because Sabbath observance was never mentioned in the book of Genesis. I would like to address this question and summarize my conclusions by writing that even though Genesis and several other books in the Bible do

  • The Mark of the Beast is Not a Microchip or Sunday Worship

    This video series addresses the common question of what is the Mark of the Beast. With the advent of new technology, many Christians claim that the Mark will be a microchip that is implanted under the skin of everyone who accepts the Mark of the Beast. Other Christians, primarily Seventh-day Adventists, maintain that the Mark is