No More Delay

To the Reader | How God Works on Earth

Please take a moment to consider five topics before reading this book: First, depending on your religious beliefs and background, you may find certain concepts in this book to be disturbing, crazy, or even inflammatory. Be assured, I have no desire to offend or insult anyone. Jesus had no desire to offend or insult anyone…

No More Delay | Wrath

God is Angry With Us

The title for this book is derived from a declaration that Jesus will soon speak from Heaven’s temple. When he says, “There will be no more delay!” (Revelation 10:6) life on Earth will radically change. His declaration will be marked by supernatural signs which will engulf the whole world; then, a Great Tribulation of 1,335…

No More Delay | Wrath

The Full Cup Principle

For thousands of years, nations have come and gone. Historians may explain certain events that caused a nation to rise or fall, but many people do not realize that a sovereign God sets up nations and takes them down. God does not do this arbitrarily; instead, He does this as circumstances warrant. (Daniel 2:21; 4:17,35;…

144,000 | No More Delay

144,000 "New Testament Jews"

The 144,000 Will Speak the “Testimony of Jesus” Before we consider the mission of the 144,000, we need to consider how Jesus selects this group. During the Great Tribulation, there will be several surprising and disturbing developments. One of the biggest surprises will be who constitutes the 144,000. Jesus will bypass most pastors, priests, rabbis,…

Beast | No More Delay

The Seven Headed Beast

The Seven Religious Systems of the World The book of Revelation divides the people of the world into seven general religious systems: Atheism (including agnostics, deists, etc.), Heathenism (tribal religions, occult groups such as Wiccan, etc.), Judaism (Orthodox, Reformed, etc.), Islam (Sunni, Shiite, etc.), Eastern Mysticism (Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.), Catholicism (Orthodox, Greek, Anglican, etc.) and…

No More Delay | Worship

The Coming War over Worship

Unexpected developments affecting the entire world are coming and the survivors will not understand them. One surprise is a coming war over worship. I call this war, World War IV, because it will begin after World War III has ended and will involve every person on Earth. Currently, we cannot imagine a war like this….