Jesus Rules as Almighty God – Christians, Three Gods, and the Trinity (Pt. 7)

First article in series… God’s love is a selfless principle that maintains a perfect balance between righteousness and justice, mercy and forgiveness.  Decisions based on love can be very difficult.  Some situations require infinite wisdom, patience, and persistence.  The Bible is the best source for explaining love.  For example, “For God so loved the world…


What is Jesus Doing?

Last month we investigated the existence of Jesus before He came to Earth. This month we will investigate His work in Heaven before and after He came to Earth. Jesus Speaks for the Godhead Before the universe was created, the Father and the Holy Spirit agreed that Jesus would be the "voice" for the Trinity….


Jesus' Existence Before He Came to Earth

Watch a detailed seminar on Jesus role in heavens government before he came to earth Bible students often wonder if Jesus existed before He took human form, and if so, what His activities were prior to His birth. Jesus did exist before He was born as Mary's child, but organizing the facts on this subject…


Did Jesus Have a Sinful or Sinless Nature?

Through the years, I have received letters and phone calls asking about the nature of Jesus. Basically, the question is "Did Jesus have a sinful or sinless nature?" Usually, my first response is "Why does this matter to you?" I ask this in an attempt to get beneath the surface to discover the real underlying…


The Sacrificial Harley

Have you ever wondered why Jesus lived thirty years on Earth before He was crucified? He could have descended from the sky on Thursday, been captured and put to death on Friday, and resurrected and taken to Heaven on Sunday, but the Father had a much bigger plan! He willed that Jesus should come to…