A Blank Sheet of Paper

A Blank Sheet of Paper

It is true, nothing has more potential than a young person, but do you know what comes in second? A blank sheet of paper is runner-up. A blank sheet of paper has enormous potential for good or evil. For example, a sheet of paper can become a pornographic picture or a page from the Bible. A sheet of paper can become a cashier’s check worth hundreds of millions of dollars, a diploma, a speeding ticket, a death sentence signed by a judge, or a sheet of paper can become a small map showing the way to a hidden treasure.

With this last definition in mind, I hope you will find the map included in this The Wake-Up Report to be valuable. It points toward your new home. I believe the information on this chart is very important because it clarifies mysteries that have been unresolved for more than two thousand years. In a sentence, this chart outlines God’s “end time” plan.

For the past few weeks, I have wanted to illustrate the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation on a single sheet of paper so that people could keep it in their Bibles as a reference. (When I was a student, we called a paper like this, a “cheat sheet” because it contained most of the answers to questions that we knew were coming. Later on, cheat sheets were elevated to the stature of “Cliff Notes” and/or other respectable titles. Smile.) Look at both sides of the chart. You should be aware that there is an important difference between the charts.

The book of Daniel contains five prophecies with five prophetic time lines that are associated with Daniel 2, 7, 8, etc. These five prophecies conform to the four rules stated at the bottom of the page and should be easy to follow. On the other hand, the book of Revelation contains twelve prophecies which also conform to the four rules. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to illustrate all twelve time lines, so the Revelation side of the chart is a block diagram showing how the pieces of Revelation fit together.

I hope you will study the chart and examine the prophecies they represent. Especially notice how the rules operate. Since 95% of the book of Daniel has been fulfilled, the validity of the four rules that govern its interpretation can be easily demonstrated! Today, few people understand and appreciate the importance of valid rules of interpretation. This is the reason why apocalyptic prophecy has become such a “nose of wax” which scholars and laymen manipulate endlessly.

Unfortunately, millions of Christians are anticipating prophetic fulfillments that will not come to pass. There are a dozen key points which I hope you will examine. Test your understanding of the prophecies by explaining the chart to someone. Be sure to notice these points:

Daniel Side

1. Notice the blue background box indicating the operation of the Jubilee Calendar. This box begins with 1437 B.C. and reaches to 1994. (See lower portion of the box.) Also notice that we are living “Today” just before the Great Tribulation box begins.

2. Pay close attention to the vertical alignment of the prophetic elements in the five prophecies.

3. Read through each prophecy in the book of Daniel and locate the chronological placement of each element. Be sure you understand the difference between “the apocalyptic sequence” and “the commentary” that follows in each vision.

4. Notice the brown box indicating that the little horn in Daniel 7 persecuted the saints for 1,260 years. Also notice the second smaller brown box indicating that the little horn is heard boasting after 1798. The deadly wound will be healed shortly after the Great Tribulation begins. Finally, notice that the boasting of the little horn in Daniel 7 ends when the horn power in Daniel 8 appears.

5. Notice how the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 are “cut off” from the 2,300 days of Daniel 8:14. Locate 1798 and notice that Jesus was exalted in that year. (See the Daniel 7 time line.) Jesus was given an “empty” kingdom at that time and in 1844, Jesus began to review the books of record to determine who would live in His coming kingdom. (See the Daniel 8 time line.)

Revelation Side

6. Notice how the third seal (the rider with scales in his hand) and 1844 align. Notice how the fourth seal (the rider named Death) and the commencement of the Great Tribulation align. Notice how the sixth trumpet and the fifth seal align.

7. Notice that Babylon rises as a persecuting power as a result of the destruction caused by the first four trumpets.

8. Notice how the devil, the Antichrist, appears at the fifth trumpet. Also notice the asterisk and the list of the various titles given to Lucifer. I encourage you to locate each of these titles in the Bible to see for yourself how each title contributes to Lucifer’s mission and identity during the end time.

9. Notice the period associated with the martyrdom of the saints and prophets (144,000) during the fifth seal. Notice where the mark of the beast is imposed.

10. Notice when the 144,000 are empowered by the Two Witnesses for 1,260 days. Notice when the 144,000 are taken to Heaven.

11. Notice that Jesus appears during the seventh bowl and the sixth seal.

12. After the Second Coming occurs, notice what the saints are doing during the 1,000 years. Notice what happens when the seventh seal is broken.

Of course, this chart will not be helpful to those who do not follow the rules printed on the lower portion of the Daniel side. However, if a person does not follow valid rules of interpretation, there is no other way for the Bible to speak for itself.

These four rules are derived from the book of Daniel and they enable the Bible to interpret itself – just as it reads! By the way, if you want to see a short presentation on this chart, you can view the WUAS Broadcast for October 2004 on DVD, or you can go to our web-site and view the streaming video.

While I am on the subject of viewing, I would like to encourage you to subscribe to my monthly Bible Study (on DVD, CD or audio cassette). We are doing everything we can to provide materials and information so that you can be prepared to explain God’s behavior to others when His wrath begins!

Larry W. Wilson

Larry Wilson, founder of WUAS, became a born-again Christian in 1972. His interest in the gospel led him on a 40+ year quest to learn more about what God has revealed to Earth’s final generation. The results of his research have been shared throughout the world in books, television & radio broadcasts, media interviews, and seminars that are publicly available on all different types of media (see our Christian Bookstore).

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