Is Sabbath the Seventh Day?

Is Sabbath the Seventh Day?

“Dear Larry Wilson:

Is there a simple way to prove that the seventh day of the week, Saturday, is the same seventh day of Creation? I am asking because my co-worker says time has been lost and we can’t possibly know which day of the week is God’s seventh day.

Thank you, Glen”

Dear Glen:

Yes, there is a simple way to prove that Saturday, the seventh day of our week, is the seventh day Sabbath Creation. Here is how: About 2,500 years after Creation, Jesus delivered Israel from Egyptian slavery. He took them into the wilderness and gave them manna to eat. For forty years Jesus Himself demonstrated which day was His seventh day Sabbath because no manna fell on that day! Even more compelling, if we jump forward to when Jesus was on Earth, the Bible records how He observed the seventh day which He Himself had made holy at Creation. (Luke 4:16)

In the second century, A.D., Christians in Rome began deviating from observing the seventh day Sabbath. About 45 B.C., Mirthraism took root in Rome and many Romans worshiped on Sunday, the holy day of Mirthra, the Sun God, before Christianity arrived in Rome.

As the Mirthraites converted to Christianity, they wanted to continue observing Sunday as a holy day. This was because Sunday observance was prevalent in Rome by the second century A.D. and Roman Christians wanted to avoid being associated or identified with the Jews. (The Romans despised the Jews.)

As time passed, the church at Rome became the influential center for Christian doctrine, and the Emperor of Rome, Constantine, became a Christian for political reasons. He imposed the first Sunday law in March, A.D. 321, a law that pleased the Mirthraites, as well as the Christians. Today, as you know, most Christians worship on Sunday, the first day of the week.

There is one more item that you need to know. During the sixth century A.D., Mohammed established the sixth day of the week as a day that all Moslems must attend a religious service and participate in prayers at a mosque. Any Moslem will affirm that the sixth day of the week is adjacent to the seventh day of the week which the Jews observe. The Jewish seventh day is also adjacent to the first day of the week which is observed by Christians.

Without realizing it, three antagonistic religions agree on the synchrony of the weekly cycle. This proves that time has not been lost. The seventh day of Creation remains synchronous with the seventh day of our week. Mankind typically calls it by its Roman name, Saturday, but God still calls it Sabbath.

I hope this helps!

Larry Wilson

Larry W. Wilson

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