Larry Wilson Passing

Watch Larry Wilson's "Celebration of Life" service at the link below: Celebration of Life Dearest friends, Thank you so much for your concerns, cards and prayers for Larry and me over the past three years. Larry died on January 11, 2021 from ALS complications (Lou Gehrig's disease). He was 72. We were married 50+ years….

Topical Studies


Wake Up America Seminars Presents     Booklets Booklet #1 The Antichrist —  Part 1: The Man of Lawlessness  Further Study: God's Love and Wrath Who is the Antichrist & When Will He Come The Devil Appears on Earth The Antichrist & the Mark of the Beast Booklet #2  The Antichrist —  Part 2: When…

Prophecy Cartoons

Revelation 17: Image of the Beast

Revelation 17: The Image of the Beast Satan’s Church, the Whore Revelation 17 is not a prophecy; it is commentary or information needed to understand scenes in the Book of Revelation.  Commentary is frequently not given in chronological order. The information in Revelation 17 is used to understand ‘analogous language’ in other prophecies. For example:…

Beast | Prophecy Cartoons

The Four Beasts Caricature

The Four Beasts of Revelation Even though I (John Wood) have titled this “The Four Beasts’ there are only two bad ones. The devil is called the dragon, the lamb-like-beast, and the false prophet. The devil’s names change with origin, time, and behavior. When Satan is doing his deceptive work from the spirit world he…

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The Antichrist Caricature

Daniel 8: The Physical Appearance Satan & the Judgment Daniel 8 is difficult for those that do not understand that God inserts large ‘Gaps of Time’ between verses with absolutely no indication in style of writing. This prophecy begins with the Ram, Medo-Persia, in 538BC, and then jumps more than 2,300 years to the appearance…

Daniel Prophecy | Prophecy Cartoons

Daniel 7 Caricature

Daniel 7: The Moral Deterioration and the Sovereignty God In Daniel 7 God shows the moral deterioration of the world by using beasts starting with the Lion in 605 BC, then the Bear, in 538BC, that is a cruel relentless carnivore. Next in 331BC, the very fast Leopard is fixated with conquering kingdoms. Then last,…