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Legalism and Grace

Because the book Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled supports the concept of God's Sabbath rest on the seventh day of the week, people often use the argument that the book promotes legalism and they choose to dismiss the entire book. Unfortunately, most Christians do not observe Saturday as a holy day and further,…


Laws Can Have Unintended Consequences

The Bible predicts a day is coming when God will send a sequence of judgments on the world. The Bible also predicts that mankind will respond to God’s wrath with a series of "well-intentioned laws" and unintended consequences will follow. The beast mentioned in the text above is called Babylon in the book of Revelation….


Does God Still Require a Tithe?

"Mr. Wilson: I became a born again Christian when I was 32. Since then, I have tried to understand God’s will for my life. For years, I have been confused on which Old Testament laws were nailed to the cross. I found your June-August 2006 article titled "Questions on the Laws of Moses" while searching…


Questions About the Law

"Dear Mr. Wilson: I have read a number of your articles on the web and I am confused by some of your conclusions. In your article, What Changed at the Cross, you claim the laws of Moses were nailed to the cross, but you maintain there remains a difference between clean and unclean foods. This…


What Changed at the Cross

Ever since Jesus died and was resurrected, believers have discussed the question, "What was nailed to the cross?" The simplicity of this question belies the enormity of this subject. This question profoundly concerns Christians because the way they answer it influences their Christian walk. Therefore, this subject deserves prayerful study and investigation. While the question…