Supplemental – Is Jesus the Archangel Michael?

According to John 1 and other Bible passages, Jesus is a God who lived with the Father before the world was created.  Most Christians have no problem with the idea that a member of deity was made into the likeness of a human form and we call Him, “Jesus.”  “He made himself nothing by taking…

Questions Answered About The Trinity

Monotheism Versus Tritheism Many Christians have different perspectives about the Trinity and the role of the Holy Spirit, so I decided to dedicate this Wake Up Report! to my understanding of this topic. Questions regarding the Trinity have long roots in Christian history and Christian views are widely divided on the nature and properties of…

What is Jesus Doing?

Last month we investigated the existence of Jesus before He came to Earth. This month we will investigate His work in Heaven before and after He came to Earth. Jesus Speaks for the Godhead Before the universe was created, the Father and the Holy Spirit agreed that Jesus would be the “voice” for the Trinity….