Seven Seals | The Lamb's Book of Life

Lamb's Book | Chapter 16 | Seventh Seal in Revelation – Lamb’s Book of Life Opened

Jesus is Deity Like God the Father “When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour.” (Revelation 8:1) Seal #7 – The Revelation of Jesus Completed Unless a person understands that each series of apocalyptic prophecies progresses in chronological order, he might conclude the seventh seal occurs before…

Lucifer | The Lamb's Book of Life

Lamb's Book | Appendix B | Lucifer Rules Earth Masquerading as God

Lucifer Masquerades as God I would have never believed that the world’s religions and nations would be abolished before Jesus returns, but Revelation 13:14 and Revelation 17:12 makes this prediction. Since this may be the first time you have ever considered such a prediction, I am sure you are wondering how these things can happen….

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Bible History and End Time Prophecy Timeline

This video series covers a chart showing historical events since creation and future events culminating in the creation of the new earth.  Because there is historical evidence showing the relationship of prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, a framework shows the alignment of five prophecies in Daniel and twelve prophecies in Revelation. Link: Bible History and End…

Revelation Prophecy | Video Seminars

Video Study on Revelation

Prophetic expositors have shared many different views of Revelation's prophecies. With so many different interpretations, how can a Bible student know which one is correct? Larry Wilson uses rules of interpretation established in Daniel to explain Revelation's prophecies. The rules provide a structured method of interpreting prophecy that should allow any student of prophecy to…

Revelation Prophecy | Seven Trumpets

Understanding the Seven Trumpets of Revelation – God's Purpose

God's Wrath and Mercy during the Seven Trumpets If separated from the larger context of this book, this chapter could make God appear to be very cruel and unfairly harsh – so please read subsequent chapters as soon as possible! The devil delights in distorting the character of God whenever possible. The devil wants people…

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Introduction to Revelation's Story

This video series is a followup to the book Warning! Revelation is about to be fulfilled. Link: Introduction to Revelation's Story Click the video above to watch the first video in the this series.  If you wish to watch the other videos in the series, you can either click the "PLAYLIST" option in the upper left corner…