Wake Up America Seminars (WUAS) is both a non-profit and a nondenominational organization. With God’s blessings and the generosity of many people, WUAS has distributed millions of pamphlets, books and tapes around the world during the past 34 years. WUAS is not a church and is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by any religious organization. WUAS does not have members nor offers any kind of membership. Our mission is not to convert the world to our point of view.

Although WUAS has a well defined view on certain Biblical matters, our mission is primarily “seed sowing.” We believe in the primacy of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and in His imminent return. We are doing our best to encourage people with the good news of the gospel and this hope. People are surprised to learn that WUAS is not an outreach program affiliated with a church trying to hide its identity. On the contrary, Larry Wilson, the founder, does not belong to a church and he teaches that salvation is not a matter of denominational affiliation.

Since WUAS offers no provision for membership or church structure, people who read and consider the concepts we offer are encouraged to share the message only if they consider it to have any value. We have no plans to form a church – there are more than enough religions and denominations in the world today. Our goal is to educate, stimulate and inspire our readers with a more complete understanding of God and His Word and for this we ask nothing in return. WUAS is unique – we do not ask for donations.

The Beginning of WUAS (Wake Up America)

Larry Wilson began conducting seminars for the public in 1986. The seminars were the result of 15 years of personal Bible study and investigation. At the time he began to conduct seminars, he was employed by a large hospital in the Dayton, Ohio area. As opportunities for seminars grew, he eventually resigned his “day time” job and devoted himself full time to the promotion of this end-time Bible message, which was unlike anything he had ever heard. Larry did not claim to have any dreams, visions or encounters with apparitions. On the contrary, he affirmed that his prophetic conclusions were based on the Bible and the Bible alone. When it comes to matters of faith in God, he accepted no authority other than the Bible.

The Lord stirred Larry to leave his full-time position and begin sharing his understanding of Bible prophecy in 1986. For a couple years, he intensely questioned if the stirring within was a calling from the Lord or a product of his imagination. Finally, Larry prayerfully offered himself to the Lord’s service with an agreement that is still binding between them today.

The agreement Larry made with the Lord is this: “Lord, if you are really calling me to this task, then I will resign my job. I will serve as you direct, but with the understanding that you will provide the necessary funds to make this possible. To ensure that you have called me to this work, I will not solicit or appeal for donations, offerings or contributions.

The cattle on a thousand hills belong to you, Lord. So, as long as you make it possible for WUAS to meet expenses, I will do my best to promote and share the wonderful things You have allowed me to discover in your Word.” Decades later, WUAS is still promoting the gospel and the soon return of Jesus. The bills at WUAS are paid on time and the lights at WUAS still burn brightly.

Printing presses and video duplicators are producing more material every week! “God honors faith,” Larry said. Shirley, his faithful wife agreed, “We continue to see the sustaining power of God in this ministry.” To meet living expenses during the first years of WUAS’ existence, Shirley worked full-time when Larry wrote the book, The Revelation of Jesus.

Unfortunately, Larry passed away on January 11, 2021, thirty-five years after beginning to share the story of Jesus’ soon return. His commitment to the Lord and walking by faith never wavered. Watch the “Celebration of Life” service and a letter from Larry’s family at the links below:

Celebration of Life

Family Letter

What Do We Teach?

The teaching of WUAS is based on five essential Bible doctrines. Our understanding of Bible prophecy is based on four rules of interpretation (hermeneutics) which are derived from the book of Daniel.  Our conclusions about apocalyptic prophecy and the means for reaching these conclusions are quite different from those offered by traditional church organizations. Some churches claim they have a central role in the fulfillment of end-time prophecies, but WUAS does not believe it has such a role.

WUAS was incorporated in 1988 because Larry believed, by God’s grace, that he had discovered four keys which resolve the prophetic mysteries of Daniel and Revelation. Because of this discovery, WUAS is dedicated to sharing a unique prophetic message that explains God’s forthcoming actions to save man and to bring an end to sin.

The Five S’s

We believe there are five essential Bible doctrines and we help people remember them by starting each one with the letter “S”:

1. Salvation: The assurance of salvation is granted to anyone who surrenders his or her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. A life of faith in Christ begins with an attitude of being willing to go, to be and to do all that Jesus asks.

2. Second Coming: Jesus will return to Earth in clouds of glory and will bestow eternal life upon the faithful. At that time He will also destroy those people who have rebelled against His authority.

3. State of Man in Death: When a person dies, he or she ceases to exist. There is no intelligence during death. Every dead person awaits one of two resurrections. The resurrection of the righteous occurs at the Second Coming. The resurrection of the wicked occurs at the end of the 1,000 years.

4. Sanctuary: The earthly tabernacle that Moses built is a shadow of salvation’s process which is carried out in Heaven’s temple. As such, the Old Testament sanctuary services on Earth offer a comprehensive teaching model of the Plan of Salvation. A correct understanding of the earthly model eliminates many false ideas about the terms and conditions of salvation.

5. Sabbath: We believe that God established Saturday, the seventh day of the week, as His holy day at Creation. Contrary to most traditional Christian teaching, we believe the Ten Commandments were not made void at the Cross. The fourth commandment is just as binding upon the human race today as the other nine commandments.

Elements of Our Prophetic Message

1. Everyone living on Earth will experience the Great Tribulation. There is no pre-trib or mid-trib rapture.

2. The Great Tribulation is not a series of terrible man-made events. Instead, God will inflict the Great Tribulation consisting of 14 terrible judgments. These judgments are explained in Revelation using sanctuary language that originates from services in the earthly tabernacle built by Moses.

3. Four earthquakes, occurring during a maximum period of 1,335 days, will violently rupture the whole Earth and cause global crisis.

4. A meteoric firestorm of burning hail will burn up one-third of Earth’s trees.

5. Two asteroid impacts, one hitting a sea and the other hitting a continent, will destroy hundreds of millions of people, especially those people who live in coastal areas.

6. Many volcano eruptions will darken the sky and cause violent weather patterns for months. There will be no rain for 1,260 days resulting in a great famine and plagues throughout the world.

7. About two years into the Great Tribulation, the Antichrist will appear. The Antichrist is Lucifer, that great angel who was cast out of Heaven with his followers because of rebellion. The devil will be allowed to “come out” of the spirit world at an appointed time and will physically appear before the survivors of the world and gloriously masquerade as God.

8. Due to God’s judgments, the world’s infrastructures as we know them today will be destroyed. Commerce, communication, manufacturing, travel, and shipping will be almost eliminated. In short, the judgments that comprise the Great Tribulation inflict a fatal blow to planet Earth. Jesus will arrive in clouds of glory with salvation at the very last hour.

Bible Predicts Man’s Responses to God’s Judgments

1. A worldwide “crisis” will occur in every nation as a result of the devastating judgments of God. As a result, a crisis “one-world” government will form within 60 days. A surprising coalition of religious leaders will unanimously agree on the principle solution to appease God’s wrath. With one voice, they will appeal to their respective law makers for the immediate implementation of “sin-less” laws so that God’s anger will subside, but these laws only escalate the misery index.

2. The swift enactment of laws mandating righteous behavior will produce a powerful backlash in every nation. The majority religion of each nation will attempt to impose its view of God’s will on minority religions. Religious conflict will be worldwide.

3. Each government will impose martial law for purposes of control when God’s judgments begin. Penalties for civil disobedience will be as extreme as the situation. Many human rights will be suspended and religious persecution will commence because of conflicting views on the will of God.

4. A well defined controversy will grow out of this bedlam. In every part of the world, the question of God’s authority, God’s will, God’s wrath and appeasing God will be central. The issue of worship is central to each of these topics. The primary question that will rise is this: “How should man worship God so that God is pleased?” During this crisis, God will empower 144,000 spokespersons to speak for Him. They will emphasize man’s obligation to obey the Ten Commandments, which includes worshiping God on His holy day, the seventh day of the week. Faith and love are demonstrated by obedience. The message presented by God’s 144,000 servants will be confirmed by miracles and signs from God. Their call will produce a great controversy that ultimately forces everyone into a decision.

5. About two years into the Great Tribulation, most people will have made their decision about worshiping God. At that time, the Antichrist will be released from the spirit world. He will establish complete world dominion and in the process, kill a third of mankind. He will set himself up as God and require the worship of all mankind. He will insist that his followers wear an identifying tattoo. The mark of the beast (the beast is the devil) will be a literal tattoo. For ordinary people, “666,” will be tattooed on the right hand. Those who serve in the administration of the devil will receive a tattoo on their foreheads bearing the name which the Antichrist will use. This tattoo on the forehead is a counterfeit of what God plans to do for the 144,000 after He takes them to Heaven.

6. Everyone on Earth will either receive the devil’s tattoo or the seal of God. When every person has made their decision, the seven bowls of God’s fiery wrath will be poured out upon all who received the mark of the beast. This deadly vengeance is God’s response to the behavior of the wicked against Him and His people. During the seventh bowl, Jesus appears in clouds of glory and He resurrects the righteous dead and gathers the living saints to Himself as the wicked watch. Then, He destroys the living wicked with a command.


In some ways, Bible prophecy is like a road map. The road map is not vitally important until the day comes when a trip to a new and unfamiliar destination is required. Suddenly, the road map becomes very important. Similarly, an understanding of Bible prophecy may seem unimportant at this time, but this will not be the case forever. According to Scripture, the time of God’s wrath is near. The world is about to enter a crisis that has no parallel in history.

God is about to do certain things that He has not done to Earth before and when His judgments begin, the road map of Bible prophecy will suddenly become important. Bible prophecy not only reveals what God is going to do, it reveals something even more important! Prophecy reveals “why.” Few people appreciate the consistent behavior of God that is carefully demonstrated throughout the Bible. False theology has created a sense of peace, safety and divine tranquility that is totally misleading. Even in this age of enlightenment, God is largely misunderstood.

When His judgments begin, ten thousand questions will suddenly rise. The 144,000 will have a very difficult time convincing misled people that “God is love” when the evidence of God’s great wrath is seen throughout a devastated Earth. This is why an understanding of Bible prophecy is important now. God is love, but God’s patience with rebellion has a limit.

Blessed is the person who loves and has complete faith in God after Jesus begins what He needs to do to separate the sheep from the goats.