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Book of Life

This pictorial shows the reason why God wrote the Book of Life.  Read along to learn how God does not manipulate His people.

The Father established four eternal laws and wrote a book before any life was created.


God’s government is based on the rule of law. Later, He will use the book to solve a mystery.

What are the four laws?

The laws are: (1) Each being must love God with all of his heart, mind and soul, (2) Each being must love his neighbor as he loves himself, (3) Each being must worship the Creator and (4) If a being sins, he will be put to death.

The first two laws are well known and worshiping the Creator makes sense, but the fourth law seems out of character for a God of love.

God told Adam that if anyone ate from the forbidden tree, the sinner would die on the day that he sinned. This penalty was based on the fourth law. (Genesis 2:17)

So the basis for sudden death in Eden is found in the fourth law which God established before any life was created?

Yes. When the Father established the four laws He knew that rebellion would occur. He also knew that He would be blamed for it.

If God gives His children the power of choice, how can He be blamed if they choose to rebel?

Consider this: After living in Heaven for a long time, the highest created being, Lucifer, started a rebellion by accusing God of being unfair.

Unfair about what?

Lucifer became unhappy because he wanted more than the Father permitted him to have.

So, Lucifer accused the Father of being unfair. Lucifer’s anger and jealousy caused him to lead a third of God’s angels into open rebellion. This is how sin began in Heaven and Lucifer has been blaming God for being unfair ever since.

Lucifer’s attack on the Father went something like this: “God says He is a God of love, that His children have the power of choice, but look at His laws. He says we have to love and obey Him, but the day we exercise our power of choice, He will kill us. This is not divine love, this is divine tyranny!”

Even though they sinned, God “stayed” the execution of Lucifer and his followers until the universe could understand the nature of sin.

Earlier, you mentioned a book. What mystery does the Father’s book resolve?

Lucifer was a covering cherub and he wanted to be honored and worshiped like Jesus. The Father would not permit it.

At the end of the 1,000 years in Revelation 20, Jesus will open the book and reveal its contents.

The Father will then prove that He knew everything about everyone, including Lucifer. The Father will show that He foreknew the painful consequences and price that would come with the curse of sin.

And most of all, the Father will confirm that everyone was allowed to exercise the power of choice.

When everyone sees that the Father’s book is identical to the daily records special angels recorded in real time, the truth about God’s ways and character will become self-evident. The Father is not righteous because He says so, His is worthy of honor and worship because the evidence proves He is a God of love.

This is amazing! The Father’s book will be identical to the daily records recorded by special angels.

The Father wrote a book detailing the life of every being. He sealed it with seven seals.

The Father wants everyone to know that He will not use His foreknowledge to manipulate His children.

The Father knew from the beginning which angels and human beings would have Tobe destroyed. Therefore, if the contents of His book were prematurely exposed, intelligent beings would wonder forever if He predestined some subjects for eternal death and others for eternal life. So He sealed His book with seven seals.

Incidentally, after the Lamb was found worthy to receive the book, John called it, “The Lamb’s Book of Life.”

Because the seventh seal is broken at the end of the1,000 years, does this mean the Book of Life has nothing to do with a person’s salvation?

Why was the Father’s book sealed with seven seals?

That’s right. The Bible says the Book of Life is only opened at the end of the 1, 000 years. (Revelation 20:12)

When a person is born, a recording angel makes a flawless record of that life in real time, just as it unfolds. Each recording includes our words, thoughts, motives, and actions.

As Judge, Jesus carefully examines each recording before reaching a decision for eternal life or death. Jesus does not know what is in the Father’s book until the final seal is broken.

Now I get it. The Father will not use His foreknowledge to manipulate us. His children have free will; the freedom to choose. Even if He had to give up His own Son to save sinners, the Father always gives His subjects the power of choice! Truly, He is a God of love!

Are human beings judged from other records kept in Heaven?

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