Pilate’s Judgment

Christians well know the story of Jesus’ appearance before Pilate on crucifixion day. Interestingly, the story of Pilate has applications for the end time. This booklet also details why Pilate acquiesced to the Jew’s demands despite knowing that Jesus was the Son of God. To The Reader: This booklet is based on material published on…


Elijah the Tishbite

The story of Elijah is a favorite of many Christians. Despite being God’s chosen prophet, Elijah showed human frailties which all of us can identify with. However, there are deeper concepts revealed in the story that parallel end-time events. Learn how our unchanging God will use His servants just like he used Elijah long ago….

John the Baptizer

Like Elijah, end-time parallels can be drawn from John the Baptist’s life. Like Isaac, John’s appearance was miraculous since he was born to aging parents. John announced Messiah was going to set up His kingdom. The 144,000 also will announce Jesus’ soon return. Each proclaims a message with the spirit and power of Elijah. To…

Saul – Good Heart Wrong Head

Without a doubt, Paul was the greatest evangelist Christianity has ever known. It was only through his efforts and Holy Spirt power that Christianity exists. While his conversion from a Pharisee to be an apostle of Christ is certainly memorable, we can also learn about important end-time parallels through studying deeper elements of Paul’s life….