New Creation After Dark Days

Dear Wake Up Family and Friends,

Spring is my favorite season of the year. After this last brutal winter, the warming temperatures spring brings are welcome indeed. Here in Ohio, we have four distinct seasons and it is gratifying to see each season come.

During the winter, the snow provides a clean, white blanket that covers the ground. As the snow recedes, earth tone colors begin to show. After just a few days of warm weather, the early colorful blossoms appear, a taste of what is yet to come. The grass turns green and more flowers bring even brighter shades which lift the human spirit.

For me, watching the flowers bloom, the trees turn green, and the arrival of birds is an annual reminder of the events of creation week. Jesus performed a miracle when He changed a barren planet in a tiny corner of the universe into a perfect garden home for Adam and Eve. In a small way, I get to experience a piece of that miracle despite the sin that overwhelms the planet.

It will not be long before the angel casts the censer down, and we will know when he does because there will be “peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightening and an earthquake.” (Revelation 8:5) This will be the beginning of a time of distress more severe than any experienced since the beginning of nations on this Earth. (Daniel 12:1) Immediately after this event, four of the seven trumpets will quickly occur. The first trumpet will be meteoric hail causing fires and burning one-third of earth. The next two trumpets will follow in immediate succession with two asteroids, one hitting the sea and the other hitting land. As a result of the previous trumpets, a third of the Earth will be cloaked in darkness after the fourth angel sounds his trumpet. (Revelation 8:7–12)

The devastation and suffering caused by these four trumpets will be far worse than what scientists calculate would happen during a nuclear winter. However, as bad as the first four trumpets are, the remaining impact from the next three trumpets and the following seven bowls will be unimaginable. Planet Earth has only experienced a disaster of this magnitude once before—during the flood.

While we are experiencing the long, cold nights of winter, it is difficult to imagine that spring is just around the corner. However, we know it’s bound to come. In a similar way, during the Great Tribulation sin’s cold shadow and earth’s literal darkness will be overwhelming. However, for the saints there will be hope.

Of course, we know that Jesus has gone to prepare us a home. (John 14:2–3) If Jesus created everything on Earth and in the heavens in six literal days, think about how much more time (thousands of years) He has had to prepare homes for us in heaven. He is also creating a new heaven and a new earth to go along with our new homes. (Isaiah 65:17) The Bible says our minds cannot conceive of what God has prepared for us!

This month’s booklet is about Esther. The underlying theme in the recent booklets covering Bible characters is how each person exemplified great faith and how God used that faith to accomplish His will. The Holy Spirit will be working mightily during the Great Tribulation and will imbue His saints with same such faith. While the Great Tribulation will be a trying time, we can be confident that like the change of seasons, Jesus will come and change the darkness to light.

This month we have added more of Larry’s audio and video presentations to the million dollar project items. We are blessed to provide you with these additional materials which we encourage you to share.

God bless each of you,


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