Hide it Under a Bushel? No!

From time to time, the Day Star focuses on certain individuals/study groups. If you think a few, isolated people cannot do much to spread the news of Jesus’ soon return, then think again. (Remember, the Christian movement began with 12 disciples.) May these individual’s experiences encourage you and spawn new, creative ideas for sharing the good news of the gospel.

Joe and Nancy Midgett (Burgaw, NC)

Joe and Nancy Midgett have been searching for truth for many years. Since Joe’s retirement from active service in the Navy, Nancy and Joe have traveled extensively in the last three years and are now in North Carolina. They were looking for that “ideal place” to live. While traveling, they were also in hot pursuit of spiritual truth, visiting churches everywhere they went. They describe their spiritual lives during that time as “hungry … no, starving!”

While living in Morehead City, NC, Nancy noticed an ad in the paper stating a need for a nurse in a Burgaw, NC hospital. Nancy sensed the Lord prompting her to pursue this employment possibility. She applied for the job and was accepted to fulfill that particular position.

One Sunday morning, Joe saw the last few minutes of a TV broadcast featuring Larry Wilson. It sparked an interest and he watched the program the following week and called for a free book. This program was sponsored by Ralph and Doris Meinhardt in Elizabethtown, NC. Joe and Nancy’s move placed them within the listening audience.

After reading the free Warning! book, they ordered and read all the other books offered by WUAS. Soon, they ordered a case of Warning! books to share with all their friends. They were so excited about the wonderful news of Jesus’ soon return, that they even picked out names in the phone book and sent books to these individuals. The Midgetts feel the WUAS materials have helped them significantly as they continue to study their Bible. As a result of their Bible study, Joe and Nancy learned the significance God places on the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday).

Since they desired to worship God on that day, Nancy lost the job that originally brought them to the area. But both Joe and Nancy testify that their walk of faith has deepened their relationship with Jesus Christ and the rewards of understanding Bible truth far outweighs the security of a weekly paycheck.

Witnessing Works!

Here are two letters sharing the writer’s thankfulness to others for sharing materials with them.

To a couple involved in sending materials to prisoners:

I can never thank you enough for the study materials you have given me! How does a drowning man thank someone for throwing him a life vest? I feel as if I am taking that first great gasp of air after clutching the vest you have given me. Thank you!

I have often seen people who have been saved and in the past dismissed them as perhaps touched in the head, and have avoided them. However, I now am beginning to understand. They were not touched in the head, but touched in the heart, as I now am. I cannot fully explain it. But a sense of joy and faith has calmed a storm of violence within me. . . It was hard for me to seek forgiveness. I was once such an evil man, a hired killer, and now I’ve learned that repentance is possible.

On page 243 of Larry Wilson’s book The Revelation of Jesus, the 5th paragraph, he says that even though I may have been a hardened criminal, if I will live by faith, I will be saved! Luke 18:8 This paragraph alone has changed my life. I shall live by faith. I shall follow all of God’s commandments.

To accept the message I found in the books you sent was at first disturbing to accept that the end time will probably come while I am literally in the belly of the Beast — in and under the physical control of those who will ultimately submit to the one-world government — those who will attempt to mark me with the number of the Beast, even to the point of death.

If, and I believe it is true, the things written in the book of Revelation will come to pass soon, then it means that I will be willing to be the first to suffer death for my faith, for I will not renounce Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior for accepting the number.

I think your prayers have healed me. Thank you and God bless you.

From a lady who is thankful to an individual for taking the time to tell her about Revelation’s story:

I am 85 years old and have been a nominal Christian all my life. When I was around 30 years old, I lived in California and an elderly medical doctor, with a keen mind, started a study group to study the book of Revelation. Of course, we had more questions than answers. Over the years, I could never get a minister to give me a straight answer to my questions. About five years ago, my church prepared study lessons on Revelation and I asked these same questions that had bothered me for years, and still they were not answered.

A little later, I went to a seminar on end-time events and the speaker discussed the Trumpets in Revelation. I felt like the man on the road to Emmaus, my eyes were opened. I invited the speaker to come to my home, asked my questions and he answered some . . . and some not. But he directed me to Larry Wilson and Wake Up America Seminars.

I spent nearly two years of intense study, carefully examining the contents of The Revelation of Jesus. When I became convinced that the explanations were Biblical, I set about to make up my own lessons on Daniel and Revelation. Now, the story seems so simple and easy to understand that I want to shout it from the housetops.

Why does one be a member of ones church all ones life and not be converted till one is past 80? But, I am so thankful my questions have been answered.

Now, I have started two study groups of my own. Some people were happy, others turned away. I was not to be detoured. I knew a lot of people who had not been to church for years, so I contacted all of them. During the first lesson, I met a young man just out of prison (36 years old).

It was a thrill to watch him and his parents respond. He begged to go with me to the next study so he could continue learning. He has studied with me for two years and is now “on fire” for the Lord. The Lord has done wonderful things for him, including blessing him with a wonderful job. Recently, he was responsible for bringing 10 people to the WUAS Sacramento meeting.

It is getting harder for me to get around, so he has become my legs now. How thankful I am someone took the time to share this wonderful message with me. I hope God will grant me the strength to continue doing the same for others.

Shelley Betts

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