Bible Chart – From Creation to an Earth Made New

“He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making
everything new!’ Then He said, ‘Write this down, for
these words are trustworthy and true.’ ”
Revelation 21:5

  • NEW CHARTS! Charts outlining events from Creation to the New Earth

    The June 2015 Wake Up Report! is two charts that you may find interesting.  When you have time, we encourage you to become acquainted with both charts. I realize that some of you may not like charts that provide so many details, but I cannot think of a better way to show the intricate relationships that exist between so many prophetic elements. When several events are occurring at the same time, a schematic drawing has no equal. For example, chemists often draw charts showing molecular arrangement and electrical bonds, electronic engineers draw charts showing electron flow in electrical circuits, architects draw charts showing building structures, and anatomists draw charts showing the arrangement and location of bones, muscles, and nerves. So charts can bring a certain amount of definition and perspective to topics that would otherwise remain ethereal or abstract.

    These two charts depict many events, but there are two specific topics I hope you will thoughtfully consider:

    1. The Progression of Events and The Progression of Time

    Carefully review the chart titled, From Creation to Re-Creation. Follow the road and notice the order of events in history and that God has revealed in Bible prophecy. When properly understood, the books of Daniel and Revelation produce a traceable progression of events that moves us toward the day when God will re-create Earth. Now, flip the chart over and study The Grand Week. Notice how genealogy, the Jubilee Calendar, and the prophetic time periods given in Daniel and Revelation also move us toward the re-creation of Earth. I find it interesting that God separately uses events and timing to convey the same message. God has not forgotten this planet. Actually, He is methodically and faithfully executing a very wonderful plan. When I view the night sky full of stars and planets, I find myself overwhelmed when I realize how God keeps a vigil over this tiny speck called Earth. (See Exodus 12:42.)

    2. The Seventh Millennium

    Here are a few thoughts as you contemplate The Grand Week chart. When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in the Garden of Eden. There is an incredible beauty and significance of God preparing a garden for the couple’s home which naturally produced everything they needed, a place that flowed with “milk and honey.” At Creation, God actually placed Adam and Eve in “His rest.” They did not have to work the ground to survive. The garden naturally produced everything they could want. When Adam and Eve sinned, all this abruptly changed. God drove them from the Garden and the ground (outside the garden) was cursed. God told Adam that he would have to reap what he needed through painful toil. Adam would have to work the ground to survive. (Genesis 3:17)

    After sin, God elevated His Sabbath rest to a higher level of significance. Prior to Adam’s sin, God’s Sabbath was a day to rest from creating and studying and was a day for spiritual renewal and fellowship with the Creator. After sin began, God expanded His Sabbath rest in two ways. First, it became a day of release from the painful toil of having to work the ground to survive. As Adam and Eve soon learned, if you depend upon your very own garden to survive, faith in God was absolutely necessary to let your field rest for a whole day during the planting or reaping season. Later, after the Exodus, God expanded His Sabbath rest to include a whole year. Every seventh year, Israel was required to stop working the land and let it rest. To encourage Israel’s faith in God, He promised a bumper crop every sixth year. Every action God requires has a purpose and is part of His marvelous plan. God used the requirement of a Sabbath rest as a prophetic signpost indicating that He intended to lead His children into His ultimate rest, the “beautiful land” that flowed with milk and honey. God did this to give the human race hope, even before the problem with sin was resolved!

    If you have watched my video seminar on the book of Hebrews, you will recall that God has attempted to establish His kingdom on Earth several times. You may also recall that before God delivered Israel from Egypt, He required them to rest from their painful toil on His Sabbath. (Exodus 5) This development made Pharaoh furious, and he forced his slaves to work much harder. The physical abuse heaped on the Israelites was awful. God was testing their faith in Him. Would they rest from their painful toil on His Sabbath in order to be set free? As time passed, Israel failed to enter into His rest because of their rebellion and unbelief. Later when Jesus came to Earth, He again was unable to get Israel to enter into His rest. Looking ahead, we see the same test is coming around the bend. A day is coming when our faith in God will be tested. Will we be willing to rest on God’s Sabbath in order to be set free from sin’s curse?

    The seventh millennium is a wonderful topic because the promise of entering His rest still remains. Of course, you need to understand God’s promise before its location on any chart is meaningful. It is my hope that you will look over both charts and be sure to include a study on the seventh millennium.

    If you want to better understand “The Great Tribulation” portion on the Creation to Re-Creation chart, read or reread the yellow book, A Study on the Seven Trumpets, Two Witnesses, and Four Beasts. You can also review Prophecies 6 through 12 in my book, Jesus’ Final Victory. We have also printed a limited supply of larger-sized (24″x36″) charts. If you find the print on the smaller size chart difficult to read, you can purchase a set of two charts (each chart printed on one side) for $20. (This price includes shipping, but Ohio and Texas residents must be sure to include sales tax.) We also have charts printed on two sides like the one enclosed if you wish to purchase additional charts for sharing. The price is $4 per chart (plus appropriate sales tax). These charts can be used to start discussions with friends, especially when used with the book A Study on the Seven Trumpets, Two Witnesses, and Four Beasts.

    Larry Wilson

Larry W. Wilson

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