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Dear Friends of Wake Up America Seminars:

I wish I could thank each of you personally for generously supporting this ministry during this past year. Because of your support during 2001, we have been able to freely distribute tens of thousands of books, and hundreds of thousands of brochures and other materials.

Strong interest continues to grow in our monthly video and audio tapes. We have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for DayStar renewals and other materials during the past six months and I want to thank you for remembering this ministry in your prayers, gifts and support.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since I presented Seminar #101. If you have not viewed or listened to seminar #211 (Dayton, Ohio, August 2001), I hope you will. I believe there are several topics in that seminar that will encourage you in your study of God’s Word.

We stand on the doorstep of the Great Tribulation. In this time of increasing perplexity, uncertainty and fear, we need to follow the advice given to me years ago by an elderly black man. He encouraged me saying, “Lift those up around you. Read yourself full in God’s Word, think yourself straight, pray yourself hot, and then let yourself go!” I remain dedicated to this endeavor, and I hope you will too!

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 are proving to be a line of demarcation for the United States of America. Perplexities and worries about bioterrorism are mounting and the financial resources necessary to combat terrorism are escalating sharply. Unemployment is rising and economic recession looms on the horizon. What makes this drama so ironic is that the richest nation on Earth is at war with one of the poorest nations of the world!

It seems inevitable that significant changes in communication and transportation in the USA will be an ongoing problem. On a practical level, this could mean that WUAS’ ability to ship books, tapes and other items could become extremely expensive or even non-existent.

I am bringing this to your attention because I want to encourage you to consider having books and materials on hand in the event that communication and transportation issues become a log-jam. I believe we are going to see a strong surge of interest in the Bible, especially the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. People will want to know “God’s plan.” So, I encourage you to be prepared to help those around you.

A case of 40 Warning! books is $25, Asteroid Impact brochures are $15.00 for 100 brochures and a set of 9 color charts called “Roadmaps for the End Times” are 10 sets for $5. These prices include UPS ground shipping. Get ready to help others. Be prepared.

Larry Wilson

Larry W. Wilson

Larry Wilson, founder of WUAS, became a born-again Christian in 1972. His interest in the gospel led him on a 40+ year quest to learn more about what God has revealed to Earth’s final generation. The results of his research have been shared throughout the world in books, television & radio broadcasts, media interviews, and seminars that are publicly available on all different types of media (see our Christian Bookstore).

What is Wake Up America Seminars (WUAS)?
Wake Up America Seminars, Inc. is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization with a focus on the study of End-Time Prophecy. WUAS is not a church, nor does it endorse any denomination. Our focus is singular: We are dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and His imminent return. We are delighted that people of all faiths are diligently using the Bible study materials produced by WUAS. All study materials are based solely on the Bible alone.

Larry W. Wilson

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