Time Periods

18 Prophetic Time Periods

Every now and then, the Holy Spirit leads us to a point in our understanding about God's will and His Word which requires us to take a stand that friends or loved ones may not receive well. (Matthew 10:37,38) It continues to amaze me how God tests our faith and not our knowledge! The Bible…


The Harsh Reality of God's Amazing Grace

I was happy to hear the announcement that Dr. Bertrand Piccard and co-pilot Brian Jones had successfully circled the world in a balloon! Think of it; they traveled more than 29,000 miles with nothing more than the wind for propulsion! Although it took them about three weeks to achieve this feat, they are the first…


WUAS News in Brief

Free eBook Offer (PDF version) – WARNING! Revelation is about to be Fulfilled It is exciting to see how many people are responding to the free book offer given in the Asteroid Impact brochure. So far, WUAS has processed and mailed over 160,000 brochures in 16 states. Several groups of people have provided the financial…

Bible Characters

Nicodemus and John 3:16

I find that John 3:16 is misused sometimes because the historical context is not appreciated. To support my claim, let's replay the secret conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus within the historical setting of that night. I have taken certain liberties to make the discussion with Jesus more contemporary. See John 3:1-21 for the actual text…..


Bible Questions and Answers

For the past few months at the end of each Tape of the Month broadcast, I have asked viewers to send their Bible questions to the Wake Up America Seminars office. Unfortunately, the taped program format does not always allow me enough time to answer as many incoming questions as I would like. (I receive…


What is God Like?

Who among men can answer the question, "What is God like?" Not even the angels comprehend the fullness of God. Yet, this is a question that deserves perpetual investigation. God is the most interesting mystery in the universe. He is the most wonderful subject that can be studied. A few years ago, I asked a…