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Heron Street Chapel Update — Denison Texas

To date, the Heron Street Chapel/Denison, TX Study Group, has distributed 7,152 Warning! books as a result of a three line ad in the Penny Saver newspaper offering a free book on Bible prophecy. The group spends about $2,600 per month on this endeavor. Another study group, Faith Fellowship in Round Rock, TX is sponsoring a mailing that will reach approximately 36,000 individuals in the state of Texas with the Asteroid Impact! brochure.

South Africa

Mrs. Joey Bergh reports from Somerset, South Africa (Rays of Hope Ministries) that their study group meets regularly and sponsors advertisements offering various materials on Revelation’s story. She states: “Many hundreds of people have accepted the Sabbath truth after reading the Warning! book.”


A study group in Kenya has translated and printed The Revelation of Jesus book into Swahili. This will enable people in numerous countries in Africa to read the book in a familiar language.


A 75 year old Japanese woman has started a Bible prophecy class – she begins her trip at 6 a.m. (when it is still dark), travels by train for two hours, then presents a six hour Bible study, takes the two hour train trip home, returning by 7 p.m. What a long day! How many of us, years younger, would attempt something like that for the Lord!


Greetings from Belgium! Johan Vandewalle sends best wishes for a new year to all the friends he made while attending the Durango, CO Seminar two years ago. His note encouraged each person to live their life uprightly and ends with this text: “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalms 90:12.

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