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As thrilling reports from overseas continue to reach WUAS, I remember the words of a song by John Shuffle called When Praise Demands a Sacrifice. Space does not allow me to share all the words to the song, but let me summarize the intended meaning.

Using the parallel of Abraham’s obedient willingness to bind his own son Issac on the altar and our Heavenly Father’s sacrifice of His only beloved Son, the author of the song shares how there are times when surrendering the dearest things in life becomes an act of worship and a sacrifice of praise. He goes on to share how he knows that God hears the words of praise we lift up to Him, yet he has found that God is more honored by what we are willing to lay down.

Readers often forget when they read reports from other countries, that the individuals involved in the stories are real people, who have families, obligations and jobs to maintain. Yet these individuals have purposed in their hearts to follow God’s leading, making tremendous sacrifices to share Jesus Christ with others and herald His soon return. Certainly God is glorified when devotion and praise demands a sacrifice!

Africa: As Reported by Benjamin Mukuze

Kenya and Tanzania Seminars

Benjamin Mukuze and Lovemore Chinembri have just returned to Zimbabwe from a three week seminar tour that included speaking engagements in both Kenya and Tanzania. Day Star readers may remember a previous report several months ago which shared details of a trip to Kenya and the opportunity Benjamin had to speak at a campmeeting sponsored by the Remnant Church of Kenya. This seminar prompted many church leaders/pastors to reevaluate their views on prophecy. The positive response generated by the previous seminar motivated the leaders of the Remnant Church to invite Benjamin and Lovemore back to Kenya a second time to present another seminar.

Charles Pulu, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, responded to his new prophetic understanding by organizing an outreach in his country that is patterned after Trumpet Ministries in Zimbabwe. Charles and his friend, Caleb, have begun teaching Revelation classes and circulating books and tapes in Kenya. Charles helped organize the Kenya trip for Benjamin and Lovemore, met them at the Nairobi airport and accompanied them on their tour.

The group traveled all night to reach Mombasa, a costal city on the Indian Ocean, where they spoke on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to the Remnant Church group. Then traveling Sunday evening and through the night, they pressed on past Mt. Kilimanjaro and arrived in Tanzania. That morning they realized they had (as Benjamin would say) a small hiccup in the process. The majority of people knew only Swahili, so this meant giving the message via a translator for the next four days.

However, God turned this difficult situation into a blessing. As a result of this experience, several people in Kenya have decided to translate The Revelation of Jesus book into Swahili. Because these people sense the urgency of the message, the translation project is scheduled for a quick completion and then it will be printed in Zimbabwe. The countries that use Swahili as a means to communicate are Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zaire, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. Make no mistake, God’s plans are always perfect!

Returning to Nairobi by bus, the men went to a large, city center church, where they were cordially welcomed, but not given an opportunity to speak (which is a custom in that part of the world). This was too much for Benjamin, since he did not want to waste one minute of time on this trip.

So, he requested that Charles take them to his smaller, Sabbath keeping church (about 150 members). There, Benjamin was invited by a church leader to give his message in a special afternoon meeting. The news spread quickly and the church was packed with people ready to hear the presentation on the Book of Life and the Seven Seals. The church leader, who had initially extended the invitation to Benjamin to speak, was so touched by the message that he wanted the men to stay and teach the following day.

However, Benjamin and Lovemore were scheduled to give another seminar in Kisumu, Kenya, near Lake Victoria.

In Kisumu, the men gave a four day presentation on the significance of the earthly Sanctuary and end-time events. In Kisumu, interest in Revelation’s story has been generated by a local resident who has been showing the Daniel and Revelation (201/202) video tape series every Saturday and Sunday, which came from the Trumpet Ministries library. However, the men could not forget how God had opened such an incredible opportunity to teach in Charles’ church in Nairobi.

Being convicted by the Holy Spirit to return to Nairobi earlier than anticipated, the men finished their part of the seminar one day ahead of schedule and returned to the Nairobi church. When they arrived, they learned that a new pastor had also arrived and was giving his first sermon.

However, the new pastor was gracious and invited Benjamin and Lovemore to return in the afternoon to continue what they had started the previous week. Since God graciously extended this opportunity, Benjamin summarized the topic of the Sanctuary, finishing his presentation that evening. The new pastor was deeply moved by the message and asked them to return to the church on Sunday. Benjamin, of course, accepted the invitation and preached to a packed house!

He started at 9 am and continued until dark, summarizing Daniel and Revelation’s story. The audience longed to hear more and did not want the men to leave. Preparing for their departure, the people pleaded for additional books to distribute quickly.

Zambia Seminar

Trumpet Ministries (Zimbabwe) has organized several teams of two men, each prepared to give seminars explaining Revelation’s story. While Benjamin and Lovemore were in Kenya and Tanzania, another group of men traveled to Zambia.

Godfrey works for the Canadian High Commission in Zimbabwe and he attended a seminar Benjamin presented in October, 1996. After hearing the presentation, Godfrey earnestly desired to take the end-time message back to his homeland of Zambia. So, Jerry and Zwanani (one of the witnessing teams) agreed to go with Godfrey to Chikuse, his home town, to share Revelation’s story. Predominately Catholic, sixty residents of this small town listened faithfully as the men presented the gospel in light of end-time events.

Fifteen people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and requested baptism. The Headmaster of the school also found a renewed interest and love for the Bible and also gave his life to Jesus Christ. May God’s truth motivate each of us, as Godfrey was, with an urgency to share the gospel with those around us.

For all these men, their trips were indeed, a life-changing experience. As Benjamin narrated this information over the phone, his voice cracked with emotion as he praised God for giving each man clarity of speech and Heavenly wisdom to share specific Bible texts that revealed the PLAN of salvation more conclusively. Surely, the Holy Spirit has used these men to further the end-time story.

India: As Reported by Ellen John

At this writing, Ellen John is traveling to the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, India to present Seminar ‘97: The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. This three day seminar will be held in the Good Shepherd Edwelism Church at the request of Pastor A. Raphel. Pastors, evangelists and believers from all faiths are expected to attend. By the time Ellen left the Wake Up India office for the Seminar ‘97 presentation, 12 requests from people representing geographic locations all over India were awaiting her response regarding the possibility of holding a seminar in their area.

Even more dramatic is how God has provided a way for the 200 TV Series to be presented on India’s national cable TV. When Ellen returns from the Hyderabad seminar, plans will be finalized to air the 14–part series on VIJAY TV, a cable station originating in Singapore. This TV station (via satellite) reaches all of India and 59 countries, as well. The Warning! book will be offered to listeners for a reasonable price.

One can only wonder how far the most recent shipment of 8,000 Warning! books to India will stretch in a country of several billion people. May God’s grace sustain Ellen as she struggles to deal with such a monumental task. And too, may the Holy Spirit bless the words found in each book as they find their way into the hands of those people who are spiritually hungry.

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