Prophecy 10 – The Baby Jesus

The Baby Jesus – Revelation 12:1-6

Beginning Point in Time: Just before Jesus was born
Ending Point in Time: 1798

This is a story about Lucifer (the dragon), Christ (the male child), and the people of God (the woman). Although it is not explicitly said in this story, Lucifer hated Christ long before Jesus was born. This prophecy begins with Lucifer attempting to kill Jesus at birth, but he fails. Lucifer then focuses his hatred for Jesus on the bride of Christ, but she flees into the wilderness to a place prepared for her. For 1,260 years, God’s people overcame persecution and difficult circumstances through faith in Jesus.


Prophecy 10 provides a foundation for Prophecy 11 in the same way that Prophecy 1 (Daniel 2) provides a foundation for Prophecy 2 (Daniel 7). We have seen, in this book, how repetition and enlargement allows God to review many important concepts with the fewest possible words. This technique is important to remember because in John’s day, every copy of Scripture was made by hand. Therefore, shorter books meant less work and repetition and enlargement required fewer words. On the surface, this prophecy appears to be short and simple, but its depth may surprise you.

This prophecy reveals two essential facts in a mere six verses. First, in broad strokes, it chronicles the passage of eighteen centuries, from the birth of Jesus in 4 B.C. down to 1798.[1] Second, it speaks volumes about the actions of Lucifer. Most Christians believe in a devil, but few have carefully studied his clever and determined efforts. Some Christians unintentionally derail the purpose of this prophecy by forcing Lucifer’s “agents” into the spotlight. In other words, they put King Herod and papal Rome at center stage, but this should not be done. Jesus and Lucifer are the central characters in this prophecy. The agents involved are secondary to the story. Keep in mind that before the world was created, Jesus and Lucifer became protagonists. They have been engaged in a deadly conflict for a very long time.

Lucifer is a fallen angel, a demon that human beings cannot see with the naked eye. Of course, God clearly sees the devil and He wants the final generation to understand Lucifer’s prowess before he is released from the Abyss (the spirit realm) to physically appear on Earth. As you already know, during the first four trumpets, a crisis government (a beast called Babylon) will rise to power. When this occurs, the devil will take over. He will give Babylon its great power, authority, and throne.[2] He will accomplish this by using leaders who are controlled by their carnal nature. The carnal nature loves sexual immorality, money, power, and fame and Lucifer knows it.

Jesus will permit the devil to exercise great influence over Babylon during the Great Tribulation because the Holy Spirit will exercise great influence over all people. Lucifer will empower Babylon while Jesus empowers the 144,000 and this will sharpen the contrast between right and wrong. Jesus will not allow either party to override anyone’s power of choice. The devil will have one objective for Babylon. He intends to destroy God’s people, the remnant of the woman.[3] Through his agents, (the leaders of Babylon and those who obey them), the devil will wage a war against God’s people for 42 miserable months.[4]

God placed Prophecy 10 in the Bible so that Christians can look behind a curtain and see what really occurred when Jesus was born. Lucifer is a predator and a heartless thug. He will do whatever it takes to destroy God’s purposes and people. One interesting part of this story is that the devil is able to get agents to unwittingly carry out his wishes.[5] Therefore, God wants everyone to know and understand that there is a determined and intelligent demon at work who cannot be seen (at the present time). Events transpiring before our eyes are not always what they appear to be. Every day, we see and hear about horrible crimes and the secular mind interprets these atrocities as evil people doing evil things, but there is far more to evil behavior than this. Remember how King Herod decreed that all of the baby boys in Bethlehem under the age of two were to be killed.[6] Secular historians claim that Herod was a wicked man who committed this atrocity to protect his throne from a messianic baby, but the Bible pulls back the veil and reveals something far more sinister. Lucifer controlled Herod. Herod actually carried out Lucifer’s desire to kill Baby Jesus. Herod did not act on his own. Over time, the king had come under Lucifer’s demonic control and Herod’s predatory behavior reveals the depth of his demon possession. The clearest evidence of demonic possession is predatory violence. Think about this: If the 144,000 will be the “arms and legs” of the Two Witnesses, it stands to reason that demon possessed people will serve as Lucifer’s “arms and legs” during the Great Tribulation.

The Sequence:

Revelation 12:1-2

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
{1} I looked up into the sky and an awesome drama occurred. Although I did not see the origin of this drama, the story implied there was an ongoing conflict between Christ and Lucifer long before Mary gave birth to Jesus. As I watched, I saw a beautiful woman dressed as a bride. She was wearing white linen that was as bright as the Sun. She stood with the moon under her feet and on her head she wore a golden stephanos (Greek: a winner’s crown, a crown of victory) containing twelve stars.
{2} She was pregnant, and cried out in pain because she was about to give birth.

Revelation 12:3-4

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
{3} Then another character appeared in the sky. I saw an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns wearing seven diadema (Greek: the crown of a sovereign or a king, seven crowns indicating sovereign authority) on his seven heads.
{4} The great red dragon had astonishing ability and power. In fact, before Jesus created the world, his mighty tail caused a third of God’s angels to be cast out of Heaven and flung to the Earth. The dragon knew that the woman was about to give birth to his archenemy and he was prepared. He stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth so that he might devour her child the moment it was born.

Revelation 12:5-6

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
{5} The woman gave birth to a male child who will someday rule all nations with an iron scepter.[7] After living on Earth for a few years, God snatched the woman’s child from Earth and put Him on His throne.[8]
{6} When the dragon saw that he could not destroy Jesus, the dragon focused his wrath on the woman. To escape the dragon’s fury, the woman fled to the wilderness, to a desolate place that God had prepared for her. Against all odds, the woman survived because God sustained her for 1,260 years (A.D. 538-1798).[9]

The woman standing on the moon represents the people of God, the bride of Christ.[10] This is a cosmic drama, the woman is not on Earth. Contrary to what many people believe, she does not represent Mary, the mother of Jesus. She represents God’s people from Eden lost to Eden restored. According to God’s promise, Jesus came through the offspring of faithful Abraham at the appointed time.[11] At the appointed time, Jesus will return to Earth and all of God’s people will be united with the Lamb at a great wedding banquet in Heaven.[12] The wedding of the Lamb and His church will occur at the Second Coming. The bride’s brilliant dress represents Christ’s righteousness. Jesus Himself provides the prerequisite wedding garment to each person who reverently surrenders to the authority of the Holy Spirit.[13] The moon under the bride’s feet is a faithful witness of God’s promise.[14] The woman stands on a promise that has no end: If you will be my people, I will be your God.[15] Her stephanos (golden crown) signifies the victory that comes through faith in Christ and the twelve stars represent the twelve tribes of Israel.[16] The 1,260 day/years in the wilderness represent the Dark Ages – a period of time during which God permitted His people to be scattered and persecuted. This time period is the same period granted to the little horn in Daniel 7:25.[17]

Before we can appreciate the contents of this vision, we need to understand two important foundational points.

1. Before Earth was created, a rebellion occurred in Heaven. Lucifer caused this rebellion. He became jealous of Jesus and through clever lies and insinuations, he led one-third of the angels to have contempt toward God. (The tail (tale) of the great red dragon swept many innocent angels into his mutiny.) Lucifer’s followers were cast out of Heaven because of their defiance and some time later, Earth was created. (See Prophecy 12 for a discussion on this subject.)

2. After Jesus created Adam and Eve, Lucifer preyed on Eve and led her to sin. Then, Eve led Adam into sin. Because Adam and Eve sinned without defiance, the Father and Jesus immediately initiated the “Plan of Redemption.” The Father had devised this plan long before sin began because He foreknew sin would occur. Jesus volunteered to die in man’s place and the Father accepted Jesus’ offer provided that Jesus agreed to do exactly as the Father decreed. If Jesus deviated from any part of the plan, humanity would have no further opportunity for salvation. Jesus willingly subjected Himself to whatever the Father required. In return, the Father promised to give all of the redeemed and even the planet to Jesus if He successfully carried out the Plan of Redemption.[18]

Now that these foundational points have been presented, certain elements of this prophecy will become obvious. It is easy to see why Lucifer desperately wanted to kill Jesus as soon as He was born. Lucifer hated Jesus long before He was born on Earth and Lucifer wanted to terminate the plan of redemption before it could be carried out![19]

The Plan of Redemption is far more involved than the earthly ministry of Jesus and His death on the cross. Jesus became the Lamb of God on the day that Adam and Eve sinned.[20] Prior to His birth, Jesus managed the affairs of mankind from Heaven. Many significant events show that Jesus was working toward fulfilling the Plan of Salvation. For example, Jesus sent the flood in Noah’s day, He spoke from Mt. Sinai, and He came to Earth to live as a man. After Jesus returned to Heaven, His service continued. Jesus destroyed Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and Jesus limited the efforts of the little horn to destroy His people for 1,260 years. Then, in 1798, Jesus was found worthy to receive sovereign power and the book sealed with seven seals. In 1844, Jesus opened the Books of Record and began judging the dead. We learned in Prophecy 8 that the seven angels who stand before Jesus were given seven trumpets in 1994. (See Appendix A.) Soon, the fourth seal will be broken and everyone will see the sovereign power of Jesus. Jesus has been working for the redemption of mankind for 6,000 years!

The Plan of Redemption’s scope is huge and it has many objectives and dimensions. For example, the plan includes the exoneration of God’s character and government; a topic we examined in Prophecy 6. The Plan of Salvation involves the testing of mankind; a topic we examined in Prophecy 7. The plan of salvation involves passing eternal judgment on mankind; a topic we examined in Prophecy 9. The plan of salvation calls for the faithful to be redeemed and the defiant to be destroyed, but these objectives must be completed in such a way that everyone finally agrees that God is love. The plan also calls for a new Heaven and a new Earth to be created and each step in the plan of redemption must be perfectly “full-filled” before the entire plan can be declared “finished.”[21]

The Rules of Interpretation

Consider how the Rules of Interpretation (discussed in the Introduction of this book) are observed in this prophecy:
Rule One says an apocalyptic prophecy has a beginning point and ending point in time and the events within the prophecy occur in the order given. This prophecy begins with the birth of Christ and ends in 1798. The events described within this prophecy occur in chronological order.
Rule Two says a fulfillment only occurs when all of the specifications are met, and this includes the order stated in the prophecy. Because all of the elements given in this prophecy are in the past, we can say this prophecy has been fulfilled.
Rule Three says apocalyptic language can be literal, analogous or symbolic. To reach the intended meaning of a prophecy, the reader must consider (a) the context, (b) the use of parallel language in the Bible, and (c) if an element is thought to be symbolic, the Bible must interpret the symbol with a relevant text. This prophecy uses all three types of language: symbolic, analogous and literal.

For example, the woman and the dragon are symbols. The woman represents the bride of Christ[22] and the great red dragon represents Lucifer.[23] The Sun and the moon are used in this prophecy as cosmic props because this scene contains concepts that have their origin in Heaven. The woman in this prophecy is not Mary, the mother of Jesus. According to Rule Four, it is impossible for Mary, herself, to be chased into the desert for 1,260 years. The woman is clothed with brilliance as bright as the Sun, indicating her wedding garment represents the righteousness and purity of Jesus.[24] She wears a crown of victory having twelve stars. These stars represent the twelve tribes and from them, 144,000 people will shine like the stars![25] The woman stands on the moon,[26] a witness of God’s faithful promise of redemption. Her Son is Jesus – who was caught up to God’s throne and will one day, rule all nations with a rod of iron[27] (meaning unbreakable rulership).

Consider this: Revelation’s story concerns a lamb and a dragon. The great red dragon is Lucifer. Even though King Herod was involved in Lucifer’s efforts to kill baby Jesus, Herod is not identified in this vision and neither is the Holy Roman Empire (the agency that Lucifer used to chase the woman into the wilderness for 1,260 years). It is a violation of Rule Three to force the identity of the great red dragon beyond the definition given in Scripture. (See Revelation 12:9.) Do not confuse the Lamb of God with His church. The Lamb is Jesus. The woman represents His people. The male child is Jesus, whom God snatched up to His throne to serve as our High Priest. This vision tells an amazing story in six verses! It is a story that illuminates an ongoing conflict between Christ and Satan. It is a story of an angry dragon that attempts to destroy baby Jesus the moment He is born and it is a story of God in the form of a human being taken to Heaven and God’s throne. Ultimately, the story ends with Jesus ruling with an iron scepter (an endless and unbreakable rule). When properly understood, the story is amazing and beautiful.

Rule Four says the presence or absence of the Jubilee Calendar determines how God measures time. The 1,260 days mentioned in verse 6 require translation because they occur prior to 1994 while the Jubilee Calendar is operating. Therefore, 1,260 days must equal 1,260 years. These 1,260 years perfectly align with the time, times, and half a time mentioned in Daniel 7:25 and Revelation 12:14. The woman fled to the wilderness to escape the dragon’s persecution in Revelation 12:6 and the saints were handed over to the little horn in Daniel 7:25.


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