Don’t Let Fear Drive Us

Dear Wake Up Family and Friends,

While writing this month’s letter, I took a little time to peruse a few news headlines. Here are some I found:

  • “Time to Trash Your Face Mask? Not So Fast”
  • “Singapore Brings in New COVID Restrictions after Airport Outbreak”
  • “India Reports More Than 343,000 COVID Cases”
  • “Israel Attacks Gaza Strip With Air and Ground Troops as Violence Intensifies”
  • “U.S. Inflation Soars in April to 13-year High, CPI Slows, and Reveals Fresh Stress on the Economy”

The common thread which ties many news headlines together is the over-the-top statements used to sell a news item. The primary reason for these eye-catching headlines is to attract more readers to the articles and thereby, generate more revenue. It doesn’t matter whether the information comes through radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books, or the internet, the profits are the directive. Unfortunately, while the headlines attract attention, they also appeal to the basic human emotion of fear. Fear of COVID, fear of war, fear of disaster, or fear of economic ruin can cause great harm in a society. Fear is one of the strongest emotions a person has and if the media can elicit fear, they know they can generate more profits.

Fear is only one of the emotions the evil one is using to sow discord in our schools, communities, and countries. Unfortunately, there are people whose goal it is to break the foundation of western society and replace it with one they deceptively claim is for the “greater good.” They stimulate conflict to achieve their goals. Along with the media, they attack many other threads which hold civilized nations together. For example, children are being targeted in places where they have previously been safe. They are raised in households split by divorce and immoral living, sent to schools (if the school is even open) where fear-mongering about the future are taught in place of basic education, and then released into society without a moral compass to guide them.

Each historic bulwark in society is under attack and Satan is using his evil assaults to prepare society for his greatest deception coming during the Great Tribulation. He is especially targeting Christianity from without and within using secularism, attacks on Christian morality, and apathy in an attempt to marginalize Christian believers. The past year has shown how fear of the unknown has caused populations throughout the world to accept restrictions they would have never accepted historically. Regrettably, many Christians today are showing they will accept, even promote, governmental control over worship. This happened in Hitler’s government when the National Socialist (Nazi) party took over religion to control it. This sadly demonstrates how fear can overwhelm what was thought to be a core principle of our belief system regarding freedom of worship. Christians, of all groups in society, should be leaders in living a life without fear, but all too often have succumbed to a skewed prevailing view.

We must be a faithful witness to those who have no knowledge of coming events and don’t have Jesus as their foundation. Our connection with Him through the Holy Spirit is the only way to approach the future and coming events. “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

Over the past year, the office has received many questions about The Antichrist series. People have received a booklet and have questions about the antichrist that are resolved in one of the other three booklets. Therefore, we have elected to combine all four booklets into one book titled The Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast. We hope you will share it widely. May God bless you as you share this book with others.




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