Political Divisions or Love Our Neighbor

Dear Wake Up Family,

We are on the eve of an election for the next president of the United States and despite which candidate wins, nearly all people in the U.S. agree on one issue – political polarization exceeds any experienced in the past half-century. The level of social unrest, vitriol, and name calling has destroyed friendships and even marriages. The news media capitalizes on issues dividing the nation which causes a larger chasm between people with differing viewpoints. So many sources for news exist today that people choose the source which reflects their personal biases. This provides a bubble so they become unaware of alternative viewpoints. Many people are unable or unwilling to have conversations with those who have differing perspectives. Instead, they just choose to disconnect from people with whom they disagree.

The devil has capitalized on these disagreements, sowing seeds of discord and hate. We live in a sinful world which has never been fair, but today this problem is being exploited as cause for conflict. Individuals protesting unfairness, and agitators capitalizing on jealousy and covetousness, have driven the wedge over class and race deeper, widening the divide. Since May 26 when George Floyd died, public protests in many cities have deteriorated into riots. The cost of the riots is approaching two billion dollars; the most expensive in U.S. history to date.
The most pressing differences relate to race and politics. Unfortunately, views on these topics are hardening hearts so that enmity spills into and poisons other social areas like age, class, and religion. Since people are reluctant to consider alternative views of long-held cherished beliefs in civil matters, it’s natural to be hesitant to share our religious convictions. The problem is, too often, the golden rule is ignored when we belittle and criticize others for what they believe, which creates a wall to sharing the gospel.

We should be committed to the gospel commission which calls us to share what we believe with those around us. The increased divisions in society make non-Christians even less willing to accept a message that warns people about coming events. The devil is elated when he causes people to reject the gospel because of the hard hearts he is instrumental in creating. Unfortunately, some Christians historically have been unwilling to consider views at variance with their traditional beliefs even when their views do not line up with what the Bible plainly teaches. With all these societal divides, Christians today cannot allow “new” norms to change the way we relate to others.

The temptation to dissociate with a fellow Christian who has a different take on politics or race can be overwhelming. If this gap is difficult to bridge between Christians, it is even harder between Christians and non-Christians. However, if we want Jesus to lead us, we cannot allow our differences to prevent us from loving those who differ. Remember, Jesus said “love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44) In these last days, we cannot have the luxury of withdrawing into a comfortable cocoon when there is a world which needs to hear about Jesus. (Matthew 5:47) Don’t get drawn into arguments which divide. Instead, love others as Jesus has loved us.

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May the Lord be with you,

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