Book of Life Caricature

The Book of Seven Seals is like a table of contents in a book.  As each seal is opened a major event occurs on earth; telling us what happened in heaven.  In 1798, the Ancient of Days coronated the Son of Man {Jesus} in Dan 7:13-14, and was found worthy in Rev 5.  The date of Jesus being coronated in heaven in 1798 is linked to earth by the pope being put in prison by Napoleon where he died.  Because the events of all apocalyptic prophecies are written in order we know the second seal must occur after 1798 and the third seal after the second.  The third seal was opened in 1844, which began the judgment of the world starting with the first person to die, Abel.  The next seal to open is the fourth; 25% or 1.75 billion people will die by war, famine, disease, and by wild animals in less than thirty days.  The sixth seal is the Second Coming of Jesus.  The seventh seal occurs one thousand years after the sixth, which is the end of the story.

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