Asteroid Update! Scientists Worried About Asteroids

On March 19, 1996, this article appeared in the French newspaper “Le Soir.” The “Le Soir” is considered to be a very reputable French newspaper in Belgium. Margriet Fernande-Vandewalle sent this summarized version of the article.

“The Council of Europe wants to Study the Asteroids.”

Some 2,000 asteroids exist within the vicinity of our planet that could potentially provoke catastrophes, even causing a possible life-threatening situation to the human species. This information has caused the Council of Europe to initiate a probe, to count the number of these “near-Earth orbiting objects” (NEO’s) that pose a possible risk to Earth.

What would be the result of such a collision? At least explosive! If the asteroid has a diameter of more than one kilometer, according to the report adopted by the Assembly of the Council of Europe, is could have apocalyptic consequences, causing a whole continent to become engulfed in fires.

A cloud of dust would result from the gigantic explosion obscuring the sun for several months, resulting in a decrease in temperature by tens of degrees. It would take several decades for the Earth to warm to normal temperatures. According to the report, collisions with objects larger than 5 kilometers in diameter occur once in every 10 to 30 million years.

The catastrophic effects of an asteroid impact were proved in 1908 when an object only .5 meters in diameter exploded close to the Tunguska River in Siberia, totally destroying 2,000 sq/km of forest.

The members of the Parliament of the Council of Europe have asked the 39 member states of the organization, as well as the United States and Japan, to support the creation of an international program to study comets and asteroids which might help to intercept them.

The members have become worried that the risk of spontaneous explosions in the atmosphere of a small, undetected object close to Earth might be taken to be a nuclear explosion. In an area of international tension, this might cause an unfortunate reaction.

We know that God has predicted these events will occur during the Trumpets of Revelation and this French newspaper report shows that He is trying to awaken a spiritually, slumbering world. If world leaders are taking such active steps to prevent such an event, it gives additional credibility to God’s Word.

Larry W. Wilson

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