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Ellen John, Director of Wake Up India, continues to share thrilling experiences from the country of India. The number of individuals interested in Revelation’s story seems to be accelerating exponentially. Here are a few excerpts from her most recent report.

A very successful seminar tour was conducted in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. Two seminars were given, one in Somanur and the other in Sathyamangalam. Nineteen pastors, evangelists and part-time ministers, as well as 65 believers were in attendance, representing ten different denominations. Pastor Joel, who translated for Ellen, wrote her after the meeting and thanked her for explaining Daniel and Revelation to them. “No one has ever explained these books of prophecy as clearly as you explained them.”

This was Ellen’s first experience at giving a three-day seminar. She was fearful she would not have enough to say to fill the time scheduled for three days of meetings. She soon learned that you cannot explain all 18 end-time prophecies in three days. The meetings ran from 9 am to 5 pm with a 15 minute break in the morning, a one hour lunch, and a 15 minute break in the afternoon.

From 5 pm to 11 pm, Jagadeesh (Ellen’s coworker) showed video tapes, including a video produced by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) for NOVA entitled Doomsday Asteroid, which really got everyone’s attention. They also showed the video called “666”, which several pastors watched.

After the video, she overheard one pastor say to another, “If Sunday is not God’s true day of worship, what do we do now?” Another pastor replied, “If we have to change, we have to change!”

Pastor Chandran, an attendee at the Somanur seminar, was so anxious for his congregation to hear Revelation’s story, that he arranged for Ellen to speak Saturday evening to his congregation of 400 members (while the others were viewing the video tapes).

Ellen arrived at the church at 6 pm and learned that the congregation had been waiting since 4 pm (sitting on the hard floor for two hours) to hear her presentation. She spoke until 11 pm.

Now, a second trip is scheduled and seminars in five different locations will be held in March, 1996. One meeting will be seven days long, the other four seminars will be three days long. Pastor Joel and seven other pastors will organize these March seminars and have already arranged to have strategically placed billboards announcing the meetings.

Organizers believe that 400 to 500 pastors will be in attendance.

Ellen also gave a seminar in Kolar Gold Fields (approximately 45 miles from Bangalore). A branch of WUI is now registered there called “Jesus Comes Evangelism Ministry”. Two young men, Anthony (25) and Paul (23), are distributing WUI’s books and articles. These two men have left their jobs and have established this self-supporting ministry, preaching the news of Jesus’ soon return.

They wrote to Ellen: “We are on fire for our Lord, Jesus Christ, and want to set Kolar Gold Fields on fire with His Spirit.” Thus far, they have had speaking engagements in churches and homes and have convinced many pastors about the shortness of time.

Ellen is filled with awe at God’s great PLAN, realizing daily how God has beautiful children ready and waiting in all denominations to follow Him when He calls. The following story illustrates this point: A Hindu gentleman, V.S. Babu, visited the WUI office.

He told Ellen that in 1992, he began to search the Hindu scriptures and discovered that we are now living in the last “avathara” (last era of Earth). During this final “avathara”, the Vishnu god will appear called “Kalki”. When Kalki returns, he will ride a white horse and will have a twoedged sword.

The Hindu scriptures say he will be born in the Himalayas and will be born to a virgin. Kalki is supposed to arrive in the year AD 2000 and great earthquakes will announce his appearing. The Hindus believe he will destroy the Earth and the wicked wit fire and then the righteous will reign forever. (Does this sound familiar?)

When Mr. Babu became convicted of the shortness of time, he left his job as Deputy Director for National Insurance Company in Bangalore and began disseminating information about Kalki’s soon return. He had heard that WUI was telling people that time was short and he came to investigate what the Bible said about these events. He was amazed that a similar event is described in the Christian’s Bible.

He watched the Doomsday Asteroid video and asked for copies of the 202 Video Series produced by WUAS. He left with copies of the Warning! book and also the charts, so he could share them with individuals he knew. He told Ellen to tell her Hindu audience that the Hindu scriptures predict the same events and that if they did not believe her, give them his temple address.

The next evening, Mr. Babu returned, this time with a friend, Mr. Naidu, Deputy General Manager for Indian Telephone Industries. Together, they watched the Doomsday Asteroid video and WUAS Four Prophecies video. When the visit began, Mr. Naidu made it clear to Ellen that he takes his god very seriously, putting him first in his life. He was interested in how Ellen calculated the timing of the Biblical endtime events.

Ellen explained about the global earthquake and the 14 coming judgments. Mr. Naidu was very impressed that Ellen was not trying to convert people to a particular denomination. He said “I believe God is tired of “isms” (like in Hinduism) and I know He will gather His own.” She told him that all denominations are in a fallen state and that God is gathering His people from all denominations, those who will live up to all the light God gives them and when the call is given, will be ready to warn the world of Jesus Christ’s soon return.

When Ellen mentioned that 144,000 servant-prophets will proclaim the end time message, Mr. Naidu said that the Hindu faith teaches there will be 180,000. Again, he was amazed at the similarity of the stories.

Ellen’s experiences have been edited due to space constraints. But hopefully, it will give the reader some idea of what is happening in India. India contains onefourth of the world’s population and certainly, God is providing ways for His children in this part of the world to hear the news of Jesus Christ’s soon return.

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