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WUAS hears from people living in countries all over the world, but there are a few locations where we see God’s Spirit moving in varied, but significant ways. This Global Report will highlight some of those “hot spots” and the individuals who practice a go*be*do lifestyle on a daily basis.

AFRICA: As reported on many occasions, Benjamin Mukuze has been a faithful witness for our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the citizens of Zimbabwe. Certainly, Jesus’ words in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25), “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things,” seems to apply to Benjamin. Seeds of truth regarding the PLAN of salvation and how it relates to Revelation’s story, have been faithfully planted.

Now, with the Holy Spirit’s blessing, the end-time message is spreading rapidly, far beyond his country’s borders. Benjamin regularly corresponds with individuals in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi. WUAS has received letters from individuals in Namibia and Ghana who have read material that originated from Trumpet Ministry, and want to know more.

Benjamin is organizing a Bible Prophecy Seminar which will be meeting in Zimbabwe, during October, 1996. The primary purpose for this seminar will be to explain the more difficult portions of Daniel and Revelation. However, pastors and laymen will also have an opportunity to share with each other problems they are facing as they proclaim the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Hopefully, Benjamin’s experience in this area will help to facilitate a very positive environment for group discussion and problem solving. Of course, time spent together in prayer and seeking God, will be the highlight of the meeting.

Benjamin is expecting pastors and laymen from Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Namibia to attend this seminar and only God knows how many other countries will be represented at this seminar! All these individuals will then be able to go back to their respective countries, filled with Bible knowledge, and ready to preach boldly, as the Holy Spirit enables them, about the Second Coming of Jesus!

BELGIUM: Margriet Fernande-Vandewalle and her nephew, Johan Vandewalle, have produced a new 16 page, four-color brochure on the coming tribulation. This brochure incorporates Larry Wilson’s January, 1996 Day Star article titled, “Are You Prepared for This?” and two colored charts which visually explain the order of events described in Revelation.

This is an exciting development, since this brochure has been translated into Dutch, French and German. We anticipate that the brochure will be used throughout Europe. Certainly, God has called these two individuals with their unique talents and unrelenting tenacity, to develop this project for a specific purpose.

OMAN: Recent correspondence from this country has revealed that the Livy family will soon be leaving Oman for their native homeland of India. This family has quietly witnessed to others how Jesus Christ changed their lives and rejoiced when they were able to share their new understanding regarding Bible prophecy, especially in a country predominately populated by people of the Muslim faith.

In the October, 1995 Day Star, the Livy’s shared how on a visit to the United States, Joseph’s father had obtained a copy of Warning! Impressed with the logical presentation of the prophecies, Joseph’s father, a retired pastor, returned to India with the book and soon shared it with his son, who lived in Oman.

Eventually, after careful study, Joseph and his family shared the message with their associates in Oman and a study group developed. As a result, one individual who came to love the gospel and Revelation’s story through the witness of the Livy family, now feels compelled to go back to the Philippines and share this new found Bible truth with family and friends.

The Livy family hopes when they return to India that they can help Ellen John at Wake Up India. Think of it! One Warning! book shared in the United States, has touched the lives of people in India, Oman and now the Philippines.

INDIA: Ellen John, Director of Wake Up India (WUI), and her co-worker, Jagadeesh, have just returned from a four-day seminar in the Church of South India (CSI) in Valparai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Valparai (population 200,000) has 12 Christian churches and 60% of the population are Christians (very unusual for a Hindu nation), with the majority belonging to CSI.

Mr. Lawrence, the CSI organizer for this seminar, had heard about WUI through an $8 advertisement in the Forerunner, a Christian magazine. Based on positive feedback from a Baptist pastor, who had heard Ellen in a previous seminar, Mr. Lawrence invited Ellen to give her presentation in the local CSI in Valparai.

Ellen was surprised to learn that Valparai was a hill station, 1,500 meters above sea level. The trip, which required maneuvering through 40 hair-pin turns and three hours of hill climbing to reach this high destination, was challenging, but beautiful. The hills are covered with tea estates (seven international tea factories are located in Valparai), which is also home for many wild animals, i.e., tigers, cheetahs, and elephants.

People from eight different denominations attended the seminar. The CSI translator was uncomfortable translating for Ellen. He was concerned that her views on prophecy might differ from what the CSI teaches. She assured him that she was not there to convert anyone and said that if he truly loved the Lord and God’s Word, he had nothing to fear.

He translated for the morning meetings, then left, but took the books Ellen offered with him. The next day, another pastor arrived who represented a different denomination and offered to translate for her. This pastor was a former Hindu who had converted to Christianity.

He was the perfect compliment to Ellen, since he knew his Bible well and understood Daniel and Revelation better than most. Often, when Ellen would convey a certain idea, this pastor would give a Bible text that would support what Ellen had said. Certainly, the Holy Spirit had prompted this pastor to attend this seminar so the message would be given clearly from God’s Word.

Ellen reports that everyone who attended the seminar, eventually came to understand and accept the importance of the seventh-day Sabbath. This is a miracle! A health inspector, who attended the seminar, asked Ellen what the group should do now that they understood the Lord’s day to be the seventh-day Sabbath. She suggested that he study with his pastor and a few members, to verify this Bible truth, then proceed to change their worship service from Sunday to Saturday.

He felt this could not be done within the confines of CSI. Others stated: “Time is too short. We do not have time to wait.” Then the group discussed the possibility of starting an independent congregation. Ellen’s response to all this discussion was Spirit-filled: “It is my duty to sow the seeds of truth and the Holy Spirit’s work to gather His own.” Yes, God has His sheep in every denomination and in every land, and when they hear His voice, they obey!

Before leaving, Mr. Lawrence invited Ellen to return to Valparai to hold a 15-day seminar. On the next trip, she will accompany Mr. Lawrence high into the hill country to hold a two-day seminar for the tribal people there.

God has a PLAN and it will not be thwarted! God had a group of His people in the hills of India, that He wanted to hear this message. He sent a woman from a non-denominational organization (WUI) and a pastor (not from the CSI denomination) to feed His sheep. What a God we serve!

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