Million Dollar Project Update

Dear Wake Up Family:

Nearly 35 years ago, Larry and I signed the documents to begin a ministry proclaiming that Jesus is coming soon. The name we chose for this organization was Video Tape Ministries <grin> and neither of us anticipated it would have a long life! Within a year, we decided to change the name to Wake Up America Seminars, which more accurately reflects our mission. Larry and Shirley Wilson were committed to following the example of George Müller, who established five orphanages in England over a century ago and always depended on the Lord to provide the needs for His ministry.

Wake Up has operated nearly 35 years and like George Müller, we have never asked for a donation. The Lord has amazingly provided resources for each need, often before we were aware of it.

Before Brother Larry passed away he wrote thousands of pages about the Bible. In April 2019, we began condensing the materials and printing them in booklet form. We started this project with an audacious three-year goal of producing and distributing a million dollars’ worth of booklets and other materials. Wake Up would absorb all the printing costs of the booklets and provide them for just the cost of shipping. Shortly after we began the program, we added another goal of reaching over one million people through internet contacts and video views.

As the million-dollar program progressed, we added books and video series’ to the free offerings. In fact, one recent month, Wake Up even absorbed the costs of shipping these materials to share. We have been excited and blessed to watch the results of this campaign over the past years. Each time we added more free items, the Lord provided additional funds to more than cover the costs!

I want to share the results of this campaign with you because I am sure you will be blessed the way I was when I prepared the totals for this final month. At the end of April, we actually exceeded our million-dollar goal by $12,608! Add to that over 1.3 million people whose lives have been touched by materials from the Wake-Up website and YouTube channel which proclaim Jesus’ soon return. We are overflowing with thanks to each of you who obtained and distributed all the booklets, books, DVDs, and CDs during this campaign, and your donations which provided the resources to get the materials out!

Now that we have reached the end of this three-year effort, we are moving full speed ahead to produce more free booklets and other materials for sharing. We also are preparing two exciting new books. One is based on Larry’s teachings with each prophetic event color-coded for ease of understanding. We have adapted this U.S. edition from a book incorporating Larry’s prophetic understanding originally published in England by Danilo Gabriel. We would like to thank Danilo for allowing us to use his book as a foundation for the U.S. edition. You can read Danilo’s book at The second book is a transcription of a series Larry did on the book of Hebrews. We hope to have these books available this fall.

Although it is tempting to relax when achieving a goal, we have no time to rest. The world is in much worse shape today than it was three years ago. News headlines trumpet evil, corruption, war, crime, sickness, and economic meltdown everywhere. The Great Tribulation is about to begin and we have a sacred warning message to share! In the coming months, if you have an idea for new booklets based on Larry’s writings, we hope you share them with us. Pray with us that the Holy Spirit guides as we continue producing and sharing these materials.


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