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Booklet #1

The Antichrist —  Part 1: The Man of Lawlessness

 Further Study:
God’s Love and Wrath
Who is the Antichrist & When Will He Come
The Devil Appears on Earth
The Antichrist & the Mark of the Beast

Booklet #2 

The Antichrist —  Part 2: When Will He Appear

 Further Study:
The Full Cup Principle
The Coming War Over Worship
The Antichrist
The 144,000 and the Numberless Multitude
The Day Millions Almost Perished
The Sealing

Booklet #3 

The Antichrist — Part 3: His Worldwide Deception

 Further Study:
Why God is Angry with Us
Related Video: An Outline of End Time Events
The Coming War Over Worship
Explanation of the World’s Seven Religious Systems
Jesus Chooses the 144,000
144,000 New Testament Jews
The Day Millions Almost Perished
The Coming War Over Worship

Booklet #4

The Antichrist — Part 4: His Throne and Tattoo 

Further Study:
When was Jesus Worthy to Open the Book Sealed with 7 Seals
The Six Seals
The Seven Seals
The Four Horsemen of Revelation
The First Seal in Revelation
The Second Seal in Revelation
The Third Seal in Revelation
The Trinity
The Fourth Seal
Coming War Over Worship
Ark of His Covenant
 Sunday is Not Sacred
The Fifth Seal in Revelation
God Does Not Give Up
The Israel of God

Booklet #5

Are You Ready for the Second Coming?

Further Study:
The Second Coming – Revelation 18:1 – 19:10
A Rapture or the Second Coming?
Has the Time Come to “Run for the Hills?

Booklet #6

Sunday or Saturday – Which is Holy?

Further Study:
God’s Sabbath: A Conflict that Comes with a Blessing
Did People Worship on the Seventh Day Sabbath before Mt. Sinai?
Entering into God’s Rest
The Sabbath Rest Test
Observing the Sabbath Day

Booklet #7

Does Life End at Death?

Further Study:
Eternal Hell, Baptism of the Dead, and Who Went to Heaven
Video Study

Booklet #8

The Temple of God  

Further Study:
God’s Covenants
What Changed at the Cross
Who Does the Scapegoat Represent?
Parallel Temples
Parallel Temple Services

Booklet #9

Was Jesus Created?

Further Study:
Who is Jesus?
The Angel of the Lord
Monotheism vs Tritheism
Was Jesus an Angel?
Source for the Nicene Creed

Booklet #10

Salvation: Faith? Grace? Works?

Further Study:
Author of Salvation
Salvation through Justification
Salvation and Predestination
Justification by Faith
God’s Law and Salvation
Predestination and Free Will
Are Children Born Lost or Saved
Church Membership Not Required for Salvation

Booklet #11

Does God Kill People? (The Full Cup Principle)  

Further Study:
The Full Cup Principle
Another Article on the Full Cup Principle
Signs of the End
Other Signs of the End

Booklet #12

Is the Rapture a Hoax?

Further Study:
A Rapture or the Second Coming?
The Greatest Deception of All Time

Booklet #13

The World Wars and Armageddon  

Further Study:
The Great Tribulation

Booklet #14

Galatians — Explained (Interlaced Version)

Further Study:
The Book of Galatians – Justification by Faith Pt. 1
The Book of Galatians – God’s Law and Salvation Pt. 2
The Book of Galatians – Conclusion Pt. 3

Booklet #15

The Four Beasts of Revelation

Further Study: Coming Soon

Booklet #16

Ephesians – Explained

Further Study: Coming Soon

Booklet #17

The Israel of God Today

Further Study: Coming Soon

Booklet #18

What Changed at the Cross?

Further Study: Coming Soon

Booklet #19

Interpretation and Inspiration

Further Study: Coming Soon

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