Differences Between Believers

Dear Wake Up Family and Friends,

When Jesus was on Earth, He opposed an adulterated religious system that had become ensconced in tradition. After He was crucified and gave the gospel commission (Matthew 28:16–18), His followers continued the resistance. Jewish religious leaders would not tolerate any belief that prevented them from maintaining their control. Despite this, through Holy Spirit power, the apostles established the early Christian church. The influence of the new gospel message attracted both Gentiles and Jews, and could not be stopped. Since the time of the apostles, Jewish leaders have rejected nearly all of the gospel message including these points:

  • The return of Jesus
  • Salvation through faith in Jesus
  • Non-Jews can receive salvation
  • There is only one omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God the Father
  • Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father make up the trinity
  • Jesus is God, born in human flesh, and the only way to the Father
  • The entire Bible is the Word of God
  • Jesus will return to Earth to redeem His people

The only item Jews and Christians partially share is the eminence of God the Father. Unfortunately, many Christian groups today have become like the Jews, in that they will not accept theological ideas that differ from their traditional understanding. They can’t. Institutions institutionalize. They become static. They can’t move forward with new truths. Even after nearly twenty centuries of varying interpretations, the Christian message is imbued with denominational differences.

Larry Wilson proclaimed a unique message that needs to be heard by all people, Christian and non-Christian. Here are a few concepts Wake Up teaches, which when combined, are different than most other Christian groups.

  • God established the Sabbath, the seventh day of Creation, as a day of rest. We believe all Ten Commandments are binding on the human race.
  • The state of man at death is that one ceases to exist, awaiting one of two resurrections.
  • Everyone living on Earth will experience the Great Tribulation. There is no pre- or mid- tribulation rapture.
  • The fourteen devastating events of the Great Tribulation will be literal, physical events as described in the book of Revelation.
  • God’s 144,000 servants are not literal Jews. Instead, they are first-fruits who God has chosen to complete His work on Earth at the time of the end.
  • During the Great Tribulation, each person will make a choice to follow the message presented by the 144,000 or accept the false message presented by the devil and his followers.
  • Once the saints have chosen to follow the true message, they will be tested in their decision, and then sealed by having God’s law written on their hearts. At that time, they will no longer have a propensity for sin.
  • Four rules of interpretation provide a structure for understanding Bible prophecy. Without these four rules, it is impossible to reach the correct conclusion of the meaning of Bible prophecy.

These few items define Wake Up and drive our mission to share this unique message. They are the basis for the Million People Project. The events of the Great Tribulation are near and we are doing our best to provide materials so you can share the good news with everyone you know. Until the 144,000 appear with Holy Spirit power to present the end time message, we must share-share-share while we are still able.

God bless each of you,

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